Zelva Church delights with its greatness

One of the landmarks of the City is the Church of the Holy Trinity. Neo-Gothic Catholic temple admire its grandeur worshipers and tourists.

Glass art

– For a century the building withstood several wars, says the priest Jacek Markel. – It was repeatedly restored. Considerable merit of our congregation.

Not so long ago on the Windows of the temple came the stained glass Windows that adorn the Shrine. Each endowed with a special value and symbolism. But in General they form a single composition.

On the project started to operate in 2014. Representatives of Grodno companies and the capital master Peter Labovich has created a unique masterpiece of glass art. Initially installed two stained glass Windows that reflect four important Catholic prayer – the rosary. On the sides there are saints that are closely associated with the worship of the virgin. Here are the mother of God and St. Joseph is the last of the great patriarchs. Then the followers of Christ – the apostles Peter and Paul, the first martyrs Agatha and Monika. Then – saints Andrew Bobola and Maximilian Kolbe who died in the war for Catholic nuns nazaretsky from Novogrudok and the blessed Martyr Marianne Bernatsky. Near depicts the Archbishop of Lviv Jozef Bilczewski, founder of the order of Claritine Anthony, Claret known saints Casimir and Anthony, missionary sister Faustina and Pope John Paul II. A separate stained glass window dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

Cross with centuries of history

In the Church there is a unique Shrine that holds a century of history of the temple. Among them – the cross, a gift after the restoration of the parish.

According to the priest, ACCA, after the uprising of Kastus Kalinouski in 1865, the Church “on the hill” has ceased to operate. It was a period of repression. A half-century the Catholics had not had the opportunity to visit the Shrine. In 1905 Silvermine came the priest Ludwik Kluck. Initially, he conducted services in a normal house. After a while the believers purchased land and began the erection of a new temple. The priest gave the congregation a gift of a cross with the inscription “To the memory of the Church in Zelva. KS.Ludwik Kluck, 1905”. Relic is still located in the center of the temple.

Under the chiming clock

Throughout the day solvency repeatedly hear the ringing of bells, calling to prayer.

– New electrical device appeared in 2004 – says the priest Jacek. – From 8:00 to 20:00 chimes beat off every hour. Also at 17:30 daily and 9:30 on weekends and holidays remind you that in half an hour the time will come Holy IMSI. Ringing change music and audible in every corner of the village. The Church kept the bell, made in the XVII century. During the war, from bullets left traces of his sound became muted. The old-timers say that the bell because of the huge size swayed the tower during ringing.

An excuse to retire

Impressive not only the temple, but also his territory. Attracts the attention of the congregation the body of water, near which is placed the figure of the Mother of God of fátima. Around the Church – many shrubs and flowers, cared for by the believers themselves. However, every place here makes you stop, think about life and to pray in seclusion.

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