Zelvensky students visited significant enterprises of the region

The Department of Economics of the district executive committee organized a tour for students of secondary school №2 at the most important enterprises of the district.

The first object was the Zilant. Repair and maintenance engineer Alexander Plavsky told how the company was developing: it was registered in 2012, and Zilant concluded an agreement with the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee in 2015, within the framework of which an investment project to build a wind farm for 6 was completed in 2018 wind turbines and an electrical substation in the Tatarishki tract (it was chosen because of the open, hilly, windy terrain and the nearby reservoir). Costs (about 10 million rubles) will pay off within 5 years.

The wind farm is automated, but 4 specialists are on duty every day at the station: an energy engineer and electricians. Among their tasks is to examine each of the installations (smart electronics do not “see” everything). Half of the windmills are equipped with an elevator, the rest have to climb the stairs. If it is necessary to carry out repairs, a team of industrial climbers with special equipment is called. The engineer also emphasized the importance of the facility for the economy of the region:

The wind farm in 2019 produced more than 11.8 kWh of electricity (this amount is comparable to the consumption of the entire district). The generated electricity is supplied to the general energy system (countries) and distributed from it to consumers.

In conclusion, the students were invited to look inside the wind generator — and they did not refuse such an opportunity.

The next object of the excursion route was Rapsintorg CJSC. As part of the «Entrepreneurship on Entrepreneurship» campaign, director Sergey Derechenik shared the story of the creation of the enterprise. It at one time changed the Grodno «deployment» to Zelven because of convenient logistics (P99 highway, proximity to the border with the EU) and other advantages

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