Karate fighters of three clubs of Grodno region held a training camp in Zelva

Hundreds of burned kilocalories, romance by the fire and pleasant feelings from meeting friends — all this is a short description of the training camps of karate fighters from three clubs in Grodno region. At the beginning of August, 17 young athletes (including Zelvyanka), together with their parents and coaches, went on a three-day hike «Zorki over Zyalvyankai». Why karateka «retrained» into tourists, and whether the hiking tradition will continue, said the coach of the Fudosin sports complex Vladimir Lameko.

It turned out that the tradition is completely new, it would be more correct to say — a little “forgotten”. As Vladimir Lameko noted, karate enthusiasts went on such a campaign about 10 years ago. The principle of organization is the same, only the composition is different. — Time is running inexorably. More than one galaxy of Fudosinov’s pupils has already changed. Many of the graduates study in higher education institutions. This is Nastya Matyuk, Oleg Kopach. Some went on an independent sports path — Natalya Savchenko (the girl is the head of the Minsk karate club «Iceberg»). But they also once took part in such a camping trip, — says Vladimir Ivanovich.

Fortunately, today’s generation of karate fighters responded with lightning speed to the proposal of the head of the club to resume the training process in the «field» conditions. How it was? Two coaches — Vladimir Lameko from Zelva and Andrey Gavrilchik from Grodno, 17 young athletes from Zelva, Volkovysk and Grodno, as well as members of their families, having collected the necessary tourist equipment, went on a mini-trip along Zelva, the end point of which was the shore of the reservoir. Here, the athletes learned hiking tricks: they set up tents, made a fire, cooked the notorious tourist’s porridge. But still, the main goal of the training camp was sports.

Every day, the karatekas observed the regime: morning exercises, a two-hour workout, between them — outdoor games and relay races. In the evening — that same camping romance: the children gathered around the fire, shared funny stories with each other, the impressions received during the day, admired the starry sky. And, of course, they did not miss the opportunity to make a wish when one of the stars fell. By the way, hence the symbolic name of the training camp “Zorki nad Zyalvyankai”.

“The children’s eyes are burning, they have revived after the summer holidays, they want to conquer new peaks,” said Vladimir Lameko. — The rest was a success. I hope the hike will become a good tradition of the karate community. By the way, athletes will have the opportunity to prove themselves very soon. On August 23, Minsk will host an open regional shotokan karate-do kata competition «Buslik is gaining height». It is planned that the interests of the Zelva club will be represented by five pupils. We will follow the success of the young stars. PS: SCC «Fudosin» expresses gratitude to the parents of athletes for their help in organizing training camps.

Anastasia DUNETS

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