Volleyball, dance and playgrounds, catamaran … Park is being landscaped in Knyazevo

Very soon Prince’s Park will be transformed beyond recognition. A natural object with more than half a century of history will be breathed new life. Among the centennial firs, pines and maples, a modern recreation area will appear with a sports, dance and children’s playgrounds, a well-equipped pier, with the opportunity to ride on the water surface of the lake in a catamaran or boat. Due to what such changes in the territory are possible, and how soon they will become a reality, said the chairman of the Kremenitsa village council, Alexander Derechenik.

Alexander Iosifovich does not hide: the improvement of the park is an old dream. He, as the chairman of the village council and the native, is not indifferent to the fate of the small homeland. Therefore, upon learning of the TANDEM social projects competition, within the framework of which grants were awarded to the winners, he submitted an application. This time (the village council had previously participated in competitions in project activities), the Prince’s initiative received support. By the way, the competition was rather big: 69 applications were funded from all over Belarus. The size of the grant is 5 thousand dollars.

For those who first hear about TANDEME, we’ll explain. This is a competition of social projects implemented by joint efforts of authorities and the population in order to increase civic participation in decision-making at the local level. And each initiative, put into practice, is a kind of confirmation: to improve living conditions, to develop local territories, which are much more effective together than individually. And over the next six months, this remains to be proved to the residents of the Kremenitsa village council.

Alexander Iosifovich explained: not only workers of the village council will implement the project “Rest in Knyazevo”. The initiative was joined by the local economy, which acted as a co-investor, as well as enthusiastic citizens who are not indifferent to the fate of the region. And such an interaction already has its first fruits. Thus, by joint efforts, the territory of the park and coastal zones was cleaned of debris. In turn, the Knyazevo branch cut paths, began to sprinkle them with gravel, and removed the emergency trees. The next step is the acquisition and delivery of building materials, equipment (boat, catamaran, etc.).

– Conceived a lot. In the summer, we will begin landscaping the park: a volleyball, dance, playground, pier, arbors, benches, urns will be equipped, – said Alexander Iosifovich.

The final date of commissioning is scheduled for late September. Anyone can join the initiative.

– I think the renewed park will be interesting to the local population, visitors. Perhaps investors will appear who are interested in the further development of the territory. In a word, this is only the beginning of a long journey, – summarized Alexander Derechenik.

Anastasia DUNETS

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