Festival of National Cultures: what do zelventsy know about it?

Grodno has a wonderful tradition: once every two years, guests from different parts of the world meet at the Republican Festival of National Cultures. On the streets it becomes festive and crowded. Friendly Grodno residents are diligently preparing for a large-scale event, and each time it is unique.

And what did the zelvens remember from the previous festival? And what surprises are they waiting for this time?

Natalia MATYUK:

I try not to miss the festivities in the town, as I like mass events. And two years ago for the first time I was lucky enough to attend a festival of national cultures. This is perhaps the most ambitious holiday in our region and in general in the republic. To say that I was surprised is to say nothing! I always dreamed of visiting Armenia, Georgia and China, and I found myself in Grodno as if in the center of the world, where fragments of tourist streets from different countries were collected in one place. The organizers thought the program so carefully that they had unforgettable impressions for a year ahead.

It’s difficult to bring something into such an eventful event, but I think that holding a holiday in the lap of nature will be a great idea. So, the Augustow Canal is an ideal place. Here you can separately organize a playground for children, where each diaspora would present its national entertainment. Let’s see what will be new in 2020.


The most spectacular part of the last Festival of National Cultures was the 3D-mapping show: it was shown on the walls of the New Castle. I don’t even know what the organizers will surprise after that. The festival program is very informative — you do not have time to see everything. I would extend the event for 1-2 days and expand the territory of the venue (it is uncomfortable to move from point to point in the crowd).

After the event, it is interesting to see photo reports and short videos in the media. But this is not enough to preserve the history of the festival. I think it’s worth making a film: telling how it all began, how development has been going on for 24 years and what the holiday has grown into.

Svetlana SONETS:

The teams of the Zelvensky district center of culture and folk art are regular participants in the festival of cultural heritage in Grodno. This is a great opportunity to make new acquaintances, look at the inspiration of colleagues.

We expect vivid impressions from the 2020 event. If the festival goes beyond the city, this will attract the attention of not only residents of Belarus, but also foreign guests.

In addition, we need to visit the holiday. I have no doubt that she will gather a large audience in front of the screens.


Among my friends there is no person who would not know anything about the Festival of National Cultures. But it’s better to see this large-scale and interesting holiday once than to hear about it a hundred times. To visit there is unforgettable and incomparable with anything. Vivid emotions, exciting games, sincere songs, incendiary dances and hospitality of different nations leave vivid impressions.

I’ve already planned my trip to the 2020 festival (if it suddenly doesn’t take place, I would have watched an online broadcast or a large video). I would like to see more Belarusian pop stars on the stage, especially those who rarely perform in regional centers.

In my opinion, the holiday lacks only a competitive spirit. For example, you can arrange a contest, according to the results of which each diaspora will choose its most active participant and give him a valuable prize.

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