To open the property on favorable terms will be able solvency in the framework of the project «Аgro-estate the Property key»

Minimum investment, maximum effect. Approximately on such conditions it is possible to get the empty building in the territory of the zelvensky area and to open in it an agro-estate of the dream.

A unique project «Аgro-estate the Property key», initiated by the local action group on territorial-oriented development, launched at Silvermine.

Solventom and residents of other regions offer favorable conditions to purchase a separate vacant building left clean and receive guests. For the attention of potential owners of farmsteads from six objects: buildings Bibinski basic schools and kindergartens in the villages Pond and Stanilevich, library club in D. Alexandrovna, integrated reception center in AG.Slovatychi and residential building in D. Synkovichi. All of them are used inefficiently or recognized as empty. To involve in the economy of the district as many people who want to offer to rent these facilities or buy them.

As explained by the project coordinator Natalia Gospodarik, the conditions for the acquisition of buildings are different. For further information, you can contact the local Executive committees. In addition, the necessary information about the buildings that can be used as farmsteads, as well as local attractions located nearby, can be found in a specially designed catalog (

– The owners of the farmsteads, equipped in the buildings under consideration, will be able to offer guests to visit the nearby attractions. This, for example, synkovich Church-fortress, manor house in d. Alexandrovschina, the ruins of the Holy protection Church in d. Ivashkovichi, a natural monument «Spring Zenkovsky» and others — said Natalia.

However, some excursions, delicious food and comfortable living conditions of the modern tourist can not keep. According to Natalia Gospodarik, to attract customers it is necessary to find a unique idea that will distinguish the farmstead from others. As an example – the experience of Sergei Mikanovich, on the basis of the estate which operates a Museum of insects and beekeeping (about 5000 copies). What is not a trick?

Today Silvershine there are 7 of them. In 2018, they rested 1165 people, which is 50 more than in 2017.

Another unique idea for the area will soon be implemented by the potential owner of the farmstead. Selivanenko plans to teach the tourists to prepare the goat cheese and even milk the cattle.

Anastasia DUNETS

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