The office of pre-medical reception works in the clinic

One day, while waiting for her turn in the registry of the district clinic, she observed the situation. The pensioner was very upset when the medical registrar reported that today there are no coupons to the local doctor.

“I only need a prescription,” complained grandmother.

– Then contact the doctor’s assistant in office number 1, – advised the doctor and volunteered to show where he is.

The old woman, overjoyed that her question had been resolved and no longer needed to come to the medical facility, then, after a minute walk, she did seed after the employee of the registry.

Now, even if you go to the clinic for a preferential prescription for medicines, it is not at all necessary to spend time waiting for an appointment with the therapist. You can get what you want quickly and without problems in the office №1. It is located next to the registry. From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm two assistant doctors work here in shifts. Is the service in demand?

… Eight in the morning. Patients did not have to wait long. 26-year-old Nicholas came for referrals for tests. Just a few minutes – and Margarita Lamako gave the guy forms.

– I stand at the dispensary. Tomorrow I plan to visit a therapist, so I came to take tests. At the reception I was sent to office number 1. Very convenient – no turn. Tomorrow I will come to the reception with the ready results, – stated the young man.

As soon as the first patient left, they knocked on the door. And here in the chair of the assistant doctor is a middle-aged woman with headache complaints. Medic measures blood pressure: the numbers on the tonometer are too high. The patient was given first aid and recommended to consult a cardiologist.

The following visitors asked to measure the pressure, make an extract from the ambulatory card, write out the direction on the ECG …

At 11:18 shift change. At the reception Irina Klyshevich. Her first patient complains of weakness in the whole body and cough:

– Last night the temperature rose. In the morning I did not go to work, I turned to the registry, they said that there were no coupons to the local therapist. What was left to do? Here I am to you.

After examination, it turned out that the man needed qualified help from the doctor. The assistant doctor took the patient to the receptionist, where they gave him a ticket with a red stripe. The patient went to one of the interns at the time.

And so for the day several dozens of patients turned to the doctors’ assistants.

“We are gradually moving to work on the principle of a general practitioner,” says Victor Kizik, the head of the district polyclinic. – In the future, all district therapists will be transferred and will continue to work in this capacity. The project involves the coordinated work of the whole team – a doctor, medical assistant, nurse. This will contribute to the settlement of the flow of patients, as well as allow relieving part of the workload from doctors, shifting some of the responsibilities to the mid-level medical staff.

In practice, it works as follows. Some people come to the clinic for services that do not require medical competence. And now, let’s say, extend the prescription to a patient who has been using medications prescribed by a doctor for a long time and his condition is stable, a medical assistant can. As well as write a referral for tests or an ECG.

It is also not uncommon for a person to independently establish a diagnosis and “choose” the appropriate doctor. He comes to an appointment, and it turns out that he needs a completely different specialist. So in the office number 1 after the examination, the assistant doctor makes a decision about the need to refer the patient to a particular specialist. After all, it is very important that medical care is targeted.

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