Green smoothies, Thai massage and cedar-tree, making dreams come true… What else will offer the farmstead “Garden of my dreams”?

Today there are eight agro-farmsteads in Zelva region. Mikhail Zhidok, the owner of the “Garden of my dreams,” has chosen a special direction in the development of agro-ecotourism. Which one exactly? It is not difficult to guess from the name.

– I am engaged in gardening since 2004, – says Mikhail. – I grow seedlings and sell them on the territory of not only Belarus, but also Russia. As a rule, I buy cuttings in bulk — several thousand each. I know that some of the entrepreneurs resell them for a higher price. However, the principle of my business is just the opposite. I try to sell as many saplings as possible at a cheap, affordable price for everyone. And demand, as we know, creates supply.

Mikhail Zhidok worked as a handball coach at the Zelva Children Sports School. Free time was enough to devote his time to gardening.

– I have been in love with the garden since childhood. My grandfather, who lived in Zbljani, had a whole hectare in the garden plot, which, in fact, “fed” my brothers and sisters. In 1963 we moved to Zelva in this house. The first apple trees were planted here with their father – they are already over 50 years old. And then more and more … Today, the son and daughter-in-law support the family business, the wife helps to take care of the garden and harvest the harvest – there is always enough trouble.

In the garden of more than one and a half hectares grows about 200 apple trees and 400 pears. Several cuttings came from far abroad: the USA, Canada, Italy, France and nine more countries. Cherries and Cherries – more than 150 large and small trees. Apricots, plums, grapes, raspberries, currants – how many are there? Even the owners themselves have lost count. Including flowers, “Garden of My Dreams” has about 450 species of plants.

– Next month I will build a so-called thermos-greenhouse. Due to the vacuum, the temperature here will keep around + 3 ° C even in winter. That is, additional heating is not needed. I plan to grow bananas, grapes, strawberries, honeysuckle. I expect to get a harvest a few months earlier than expected” – plans Mikhail Zhidok.

Spouses are equal to European gardeners: they focus on the cultivation of walnut trees – cedar, hazelnut, walnut. To increase their fruiting 60 times (!) Help bees – through pollination. An apiary is buzzing on the estate – 9 hives of 80 thousand each.

The business card of the agro-farm is the signature green cocktails from Mikhail Zhidok:

– Conducted an experiment. Thanks to the green cocktails for three days, it was possible to normalize the pressure of the mother-in-law! What are they made of? From everything! Dandelions, nettle, milk thistle … You can add berries, fruits, greens – they give an alkaline reaction. The choice of ingredients depends on which organ needs to be affected. It’s all individually – says the owner. – In addition, the cocktail is also a diet drink. Self-tested: three green cocktails replace a full breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The agriturismo offers guided tours of the garden, if desired, visitors – and in Zelvenshchyna. On meals, guests will have to take care of themselves. Overnight in a separate (not with the owners) house costs 16 Belarusian rubles (per day). Conditions are quite comfortable. Lovers of ethnic cuisine will appreciate the old, but still working Russian stove.

A casket is stored in the estate, which fulfills wishes for a coin. And they are coming true: at least 12 of the 22 tourists who once had rest on the estate from Mosty say about it. In addition, in the garden of Mikhail Vladimirovich grows a magical cedar, hung with multi-colored satin ribbons. Each of them is someone’s cherished dream. (I did not miss the opportunity to make a wish and I. Will it come true? Please specify later).


Oksana Butskevich, Grodno (record from the VK social network):

– Spent with my family in August in the estate “Garden of my dreams.” Caring owners took a warm and friendly, always were sensitive to our wishes. We lived in a great two-room house. There are all conditions for comfortable rest, there is a kitchen, which for us was a huge plus, as we traveled with a small child. The house is located on the territory of a chic garden, close to the store and all the infrastructure and, of course, the beautiful Zelva reservoir. Thanks again to the hosts for the warm welcome and delicious treats from your garden. Be sure to return to the “Garden of my dreams”!

Zhanna Shmat, Zelva:

– For the first time I managed to get out into the agroscotty “Garden of my dreams” only recently. They rented a house with friends for the evening. Housed in a spacious gazebo on the street. The cool September dusk did not become a hindrance to rest – the hosts kindly offered us to use the brazier. By the way, their house is very close. During the evening, they two times unobtrusively asked if we needed anything. Of course, one can not but admire such a beautiful and such a huge garden. You walk yourself, you eat ripe fruit! In a word – delight! And the rest cost us ridiculous money! Thanks to the owners for the reception!

In 2012, Mikhail Zhidok participated in the international competition of innovative projects “Invest Weekend” and brought back a diploma for the idea of ​​creating a garden that would bring a harvest for a thousand years. In addition, a year ago, the board of the NGO “Rest in the Village” and the Zelva District Executive Committee noted the owner of “The Garden of My Dreams” with a certificate for participating in the “Gatuema Svayo” competition for the most distinctive recipe of dishes of national cuisine.

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