What the program does the group “Drozdy”prepare for the Annensky Kirmash?

The organizers of Annensky Kirmash announced the names of the artists who will perform on the Zelva scene during the festival (the festival will be held August 23-24). The list of invitees includes the “Drozdy” group known to the absolute majority of Belarusians.

The team was created in 2006 by the permanent frontman of the group, Vitaly Karpanov. Hits “Drozdov” repeatedly led in the domestic radio charts. The ensemble won the 5-star Sochi music contest in 2006, taking 3rd place and grabbing the Audience Award prize. In addition, in 2015, the team was awarded the Government Prize of the Republic of Belarus for the song and the clip “I will take to the village”. The group has more than a thousand concerts in more than 200 cities. “Drozdy” and today continue to go on tour.

What program “Drozdy” is being prepared for kirmash, the newspaper “Pratsa” was told by the soloist of the group Vitaly KARPANOV:

– It is really nice that we were invited to Annensky kirmash. By the way, we have already been to Zelva district. It seems in 2013. Then they performed for the employees of SEC “Sinkovichi”. Definitely, we liked the local audience! Better public than in the outback, not to find! Even though we are performing abroad along with big stars, we never refuse the scene in small towns. After all, almost all the members of the group come from the village. Personally, I am the son of an agronomist. Yesterday I drove a moped on country roads, and today I am shown on TV!

About how “Drozdy” conquered show business, we will tell the audience during a speech at the Annensky Kirmash. Such jokes-stories will dilute our almost hour-long musical program. You will hear our hits “Sneakers, polukedy”, “I want to go home”, “Hiking” and other, perhaps less well-known, but no less groovy compositions. We want to create a fun, relaxed holiday atmosphere: with patriotic notes and motifs about a small homeland. Hopefully, let’s fit into the overall concept of the festival.

As far as we know, a city fair of the 18th century will be recreated during the Annensky Kirmash. We will try to come in full force, taking with them a videographer to shoot something like a blog or backstage, as we usually do from interesting tours (on the YouTube channel “DRY THINGS TV” – over ten thousand subscribers). As a rule, such videos find a great response among the audience.

We are glad not just to open Zelva, but to open for her!

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