“We will arrange a big city picnic” – the organizers of Annensky kirmash about food-court

A food court will be open at Annensky Kirkmash, which will be held in Zelva on August 23 and 24. About thirty culinary experts were invited to the street food festival “Gatuem Svayo”, ready to present their dishes for tasting.

PHOTO: Ed Rudolph

For the first time the street food festival, i.e. The food court, as part of the Annensky Kirmash, was held in 2017. Then the prince’s schoolchildren, who had recently published a pamphlet entitled “Kramyanetsky Vuzelchyk” (during the expeditions to the Kremenitsky Village Soviet, the students wrote down original recipes of the dishes of their ancestors), prepared a tasting area. They were joined by the owners of the farmstead “Sad moey mechty” and “Dorogobushka” – Mikhail Zhidok and Galina Kolbasko.

The fact that the idea of organizing a food court came to the guests of the fair more than to their taste is indicated by the fact that a year later the site was significantly expanded. About three times. Last year, ten delegates from various parts of Belarus came to kirmash.

And they really had something to show. Moreover, the presented dishes were not limited to the national Belarusian cuisine. The owners of the snail farm “RATOV”, in Korelichsky district, – the spouses Vladimir and Victoria Rabkovy – offered hot mollusks in three variations: in Burgundy, in Italian and in Indian. In turn, the owners of the estate “Olkhovo” from the Volkovysk district treated themselves to delicious tomato soup. The Brest resident Sergei Bartosh brought with him 5 kilograms of Smaltz (lard). There were hunters to try the sweet alcoholic drinks “Medovuha” and “Spotikach”.

What about this year? The organizers of Annensky Kirmash have already sent about 30 invitations to participate in the festival of food to the owners of agro-farms, restaurants and small private enterprises.

– To support the traditional format of food court (when a person pays a certain amount only at the entrance and treats himself to everything that the soul wishes) is not yet possible. Guests of the festival will have to pay exactly for what they wish to treat themselves to, ”said Natalia Drevorrik, chief specialist of the district executive committee in charge of sports and tourism. – By the way, this year the food court will relocate from the center to the park area. It is also planned to install tables and chairs. Nearby is a relaxation area where puffs will be placed on the grass. There is an idea (since kirmash implies stylization under the 18th century) to fill them with hay. In general, I would like it to look like a big city picnic with a national flavor. By the way, a concert will be held in parallel in the park – a separate stage is provided for it (the main one, as before, will remain on the square). But we will not reveal all the secrets – everything has its time!

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