Tourism for people with limited mobility is planned to be developed in Zelva

In project activity all is begun with a non-standard idea. The just the same planning, according to the coordinator of initiative “From a year to one hundred: active life out of age” of Natalia Ступчик, underlay tourist project for littlemobile citizens. Quite soon he can be realized in Zelwa within the framework of republican competition of social projects “Social Weekend 12”. As similar ideas give birth and which a further fate of the mentioned initiative is, told her author Natalia Stupchik.

– Natalia Fedorovna, you are well known zelvenets as a talented teacher, tour guide. Now became the co-ordinator of new tourist project yet and. How send to the last?

– I would say, initiative had come to us. There was an idea, possibility of her to realize within the framework of competition “Social Weekend” appeared. We her took advantage of. On the whole, all, what I engaged in and I occupy, in one or another degree is related to project activity. For me a project is a task that decides some certain problem by means of certain steps.

– How many settled “problems” on your account?

– The first projects prepared with children. The ideas were related to my main field of activity – education. There is an experience of participation in projects of support and development of local initiatives. In 2014, the project “mill melet-flour will be”, developed by students of school №2 under my leadership, was awarded a diploma of I degree at the national stage of the competition of children’s research projects. Start-Up “dialogue of generations” aimed at cooperation between young people and the elderly, and today is successfully implemented on the basis of the school.

In addition, in 2013, I was part of the team that represented the initiative “To the prosperity of the local area through the development of green route “Zelvensk diaries” in the competition for the selection of tourist destinations in Hrodna and Brest regions in the framework of the USAID project “Local entrepreneurship and economic development”. As a result, our district became one of the territories that received grants for the development of local initiatives.

– The project for people with limited mobility “from one to one hundred: active life beyond age “has already” lit up “at the national level and is highly appreciated by the experts of the contest”Social Weekend”. How did the idea to organize unusual sightseeing tours?

– This practice is not new, but so far only for Europe. Tourism there, without exaggeration, without borders. Why not create similar conditions in Belarus?! In my opinion, every person, despite the physical condition, health, age, should be able to live actively. The declared project will help people with limited mobility to travel in comfort to their native land within 10 kilometers from the district center.

What is it like? Tell us the essence of the project.

Implementation of the initiative foresees the creation of Zelve social volunteer center, whose staff (tour guides) volunteer will arrange for access for people with disabilities selvena tours on special vehicles (Bicycle with sidecar). The health of passengers will be monitored by a special bracelet that will measure the pulse and pressure.

– What places will be able to visit solvency?

The routes have already been developed. There is an opportunity to visit cultural, historical, natural and other objects with the provision of excursion information (Holy Trinity Church,Church of the Holy Trinity, biological reserve “Medukhovo”, etc.). Including the beach of the reservoir, which is already equipped with flooring and handrails.

– How are you preparing for the final?

It is too early to talk about the final. As a result of the popular vote and expert selection of 200 applications were 40. Including the local project. Now we are preparing for the 1/2 finals. Preliminary protection of the project is scheduled for November 24. If everything works out, in December we will present ourselves in the final of the contest “Social Weekend”. Whether the initiative will be supported financially, it will be known at the same time. But today plans to raise funds for the purchase of bicycles on the website of “Talaka” and with the help of a charity marathon, which will be held in the village.

– What work has been done at this stage?

We managed to formulate the idea of the future project succinctly. However, for the practical implementation of this is not enough. Therefore, training sessions are held in Minsk with the authors of the selected initiatives. Classes will strengthen projects.

– And how to do it in relation to our project?

– If the initiative is known, there are more chances to implement it. Information about the zelvensky project can be found on the websites of “Talaka”, “Zelva tourist”, “Tourist information point of zelvensky district”, etc. So, zelventsy, put likes on social networks, comment on the record, tell about the initiative to friends, join the project personally!

In your opinion, does the project have chances to win?

I will say this: obtaining a grant is not an end in itself. We’re already in the black. The knowledge gained at free professional trainings will be useful in the further promotion of the project.

Hopefully, luck will not turn away from us halfway, and tourism without borders on the territory of zelvensky district will become a reality.

By the way

In the 1/2 finals of “Social Weekend” zelven project will be presented under a new name and logo. What? Depend on you. A competition for the best presentation of the initiative is announced.

The logo should be as simple as possible and reflect the essence of the project. The same selection criteria are applied to the name: the simpler, the better. The names consisting of one word no longer than 10 symbols are welcome.

Your options send no later than 15 November on either leave the websiteс marked “COMPETITION”. The names of the authors of the best name and logo will be mentioned during the presentation of the project in Minsk. In addition, creative solvency will receive valuable gifts.

Anastasia DUNETS

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