This year 4 mini-landfills were liquidated in Zelvenshchyna

Never before has the world community been so interested in environmental safety. Separating trash, using natural energy sources and driving electric cars has become fashionable and profitable. Zelvenshchyna has not remained aloof from the ecological trend and is gradually included in the topic. One of the steps is to comply with the national strategy for the treatment of solid municipal waste and secondary material resources, within the framework of which the elimination of mini-polygons that do not meet the requirements of environmental legislation is envisaged. In two years, there will be only one landfill “Valkevichi” in the district. What is the fate of other garbage disposal facilities and how future changes will affect the Zelivens, the Pratsa correspondent understood.

According to the head of the housing and communal services department of the district executive committee, Alla Chaichits, 4 mini-testing grounds will be closed by the end of this year. “October”, “Karolino” and “Yalutsevichi” have already been decommissioned. There was a reclamation, the land transferred to the use of forestry and agricultural enterprises. A similar fate awaits “Mayak”. A year later, mini-polygons “Knyazevo”, “Mizherichi”, “Teglevichi” and “Zaprudye” will be closed. In 2020 – Savichi, Shulyaki and Ostrovo.

Garbage from the whole district will be brought to one place – to the landfill “Valkevichi”, – Alla Nikolaevna explained. – This will improve the ecological situation in Zelvenshchyna, as well as systematize the process of selecting recycled materials.

At the moment, only here there is a necessary base that allows you to fully extract secondary material resources. Special scales, containers for separate garbage collection are installed on the landfill. In addition, employees of the public utilities work on an ongoing basis. Three people are taken daily by BMP. More than 200 kg of raw materials per day (plastic, glass and paper).

At mini-landfills, BMP selection is not as effective and depends on the degree of waste accumulation. In general, over the 10 months of this year, more than 45 tons of raw materials were collected from all the landfills, in the past – 36 tons.

Закрытый мини-полигон “Каролино”

This means there will be no landfills, but there is unlikely to be less garbage. Will the “Valkevichi” test site withstand such a load? According to the master of the site of improvement and sanitary cleaning of the housing and communal services housing and communal services unitary enterprise Andrei Tyukhay, the facility’s capacity is sufficient for disposal of waste from the entire region.

–Over the year, about 24 thousand m3 of waste is delivered to the Zelva landfills. “Valkievichi” will cope with a similar volume, – explained Andrei Konstantinovich. – The area of ​​the object is 4.8 hectares, the service life is 25 years.

So, the Zelive people may not worry: the public utilities staff will collect and take out the garbage to the landfill in a timely manner. But how much it will be depends on us. If you massively separate the waste, then there will be practically nothing to export.

–To sort all the necessary conditions. The city nest is fully equipped with separate waste collection sites. In 201, another 20 will appear here. The missing containers will be installed in agro-towns too, – explained Alla Chaichits.

For those who prefer to independently dispose of waste, this opportunity will continue. True, for a fee. A cube of garbage will cost 4.3 rubles. And for the illegal removal of garbage into the territory of the closed mini-landfills will have to pay many times more. From 5 to 50 base units. Is it really worth it?

Anastasia DUNETS

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