The talented performers of Zelvenshchina gathered a contest of the author’s song “New Generation”

Today, on the summer stage, talented young performers from all over Zelveniny have gathered the traditional new generation author song contest.

More than 10 people took part in the annual vocal competition. The artists sang solo and duet in their rooms, playing musical instruments such as saxophone, button accordion, guitar. In a word, compositions of various styles and genres sounded from the stage.

Support from the artists was at the highest level – everyone felt for them: relatives, friends, acquaintances and even the jury. The latter, by the way, had a difficult mission – to evaluate the performances of the contestants according to several criteria, including purity of sound, artistry, performance technique and stage image.

With stormy applause, the audience met and saw off Olga Mozol, Alexander Ischenko and Anatoly Martinchik. Literally, the zelivets were fascinated by the voices of talented musicians Dmitry Soldatenko, Tatyana Proskurskaya and Valeria Shishlovskaya. Victoria Liatskaya and Marina Bukataya with their daughter Irina well-known to the local public emotionally performed their lullabies.

The atmosphere of the competition was so benevolent that even the competitive aspect of that day faded into the background.

In the opinion of the jury members, the debutants Dmitry Soldatenko and Tatyana Proskurskaya with the song “We will be” were especially distinguished at the regional stage.

“We are participating in the New Generation for the first time,” say Dima and Tanya. – The idea of the issue originated in the fall. We believe that everything worked out for us, the main thing is that the audience liked it. We will try to win and continue. Hold the cams for us!

Diana Bebech

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