The Order of Mother was presented to Olga Belova

A resident of the Christmas tree is one of four mothers who were awarded a high award. Olga told the correspondent of Pratsa how exciting it is to become a mother every time again and what makes a family happy in rural areas.

Olga Belova by nationality. Her family moved to Belarus from Kazakhstan. First, they settled in the Vitebsk region, where Olga received her education, then moved to Minsk, and from there to the Grodno region.

Olga met her future husband at work. The wedding was not arranged, modestly signed in the village council.There were three of us in the family. I’m the eldest, ”Olga Mauletovna began. — Constantly helping parents with younger children. She thought that I would not have so many children — she took her own. But I do not regret that I became a mother of many children (Olga has six children). The husband works in the SEC at the dairy complex. His task is to bring money to the family. And I’ve been a veterinary paramedic for 15 years.

The eldest son Maxim graduated from the Elkovo school with an average score of 9.0. Former school activist and athlete studying at the Novogrudok College of Trade and Economics. But in the future he is determined to join the army. After — realize your dream of becoming a policeman.
Victoria — 8th grader — the main assistant in the kitchen. In the future, plans to become a teacher. Pyatiklashka Tanya helps out with cleaning, plays the accordion, and recently expressed a desire to go to a choreographic circle. Nikolay in the third grade, is fond of sports. Kids Alexey and Roman go to kindergarten.

“I am glad that not only in Zelva, but also in the Christmas tree there is room for children to spend leisure time,” the mother of many children notes.

The Belov family lives on a clear schedule. Rise at 6 in the morning, then mom prepares breakfast, feeds the household, from 7:00 wakes up children one by one. At 8:00 — leaving the house, because the kids must be taken to the kindergarten and have time to work.

In our family, everyone supports each other, so we can cope. When students do their homework, the younger ones play at that time on their own. After dinner, we watch cartoons together, that — general hang up. At the weekend, we solve everyday issues, go to visit grandmothers, the stadium. By the way, when the children play, I do not remain an outside observer, but together I kick the ball, run to catch up, in the sandbox I “mold the Easter cakes”. The husband works day and night at home. In the morning, sometimes we don’t even intersect. But when I come for lunch, he already cooks food. I use this and try to devote to the children every extra minute.

Olga admitted that mothers with many children have enough difficulties. When she goes to the hospital with Roma, the pope takes all the burden of care on himself and he copes with the household chores perfectly.
Mom speaks about children with special love. And she has a story about each.

An interesting incident happened when Olga was carrying Tatyana: they said on all ultrasound scans: there will be a boy. And when the girl was born, my mother was surprised to the point of stupor, because the doctors had so long and confidently promised the guy.

The gender of the children was not important to me. The main thing is that they were born healthy, ”says a mother with many children. — But our dad is glad that he has 4 sons.

The Belov family feels state support. Parents pay half the cost for kindergarten, at the school mugs and meals on an extension are free. Prices for electricity and gas are not limited.

“Recently, children’s allowances have increased,” says Olga. — But money never happens much — all payments go as intended. Yes, and my husband and I try to earn more so that the children have enough for everything they need. They need not only to be fed. They also need diapers, diapers, and toys. Maternity capital, benefits and housing assistance from the state are good. But daily work is brought up nii — only parental chores.
The Belov family spends the first budget on the most necessary things — paying for a communal apartment and kindergarten. The next article in the family budget is the purchase of clothing. They try to ensure that children «are dressed no worse than others.» But for the sake of natural products, the family keeps their household.

Geese got. They are not picky: they walk, pinch the grass — and the meat grows. There are chickens.
The chief specialist in ideological and social work of SEC “Synkovichi” Olga Deshko said that the company also supports large families:

– In the framework of the action “Let’s collect children to school”, those who have the status of a large family have been paid 6 basic units for each student. Backpacks presented to first-graders. On the line at the end of the year, we always encourage students who have proven themselves in school and sports. We organize morning performances, take excursions, give gifts for the New Year and Christmas. We are interested in the improvement of the demographic situation in the Zelva district, the youth here
family and stayed to work.


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