The New Generation Art Song Festival identified the best composers and songwriters of the Grodno region

Every year (since 2012), the New Generation festival gathers in Zelva from various parts of Acceptance of little-known composers and songwriters to determine the best among them. This year 17 performers fought for the palm. Some of them are venerable artists, while others are just starting their creative path.

“Not only a victory, but also a memorable number can be a lucky ticket for the project participants to the big stage,” commented one of the organizers of the competition, Galina Romanchuk. – In general, the idea of ​​the “New Generation” is to find and support talented people involved in writing songs. And this, believe me, is quite a difficult “craft.”

This year the festival was timed to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus. That is why immediately before the concert, the participants of the competition considered it their duty to lay flowers at the foot of the memorial to the fallen soldiers and partisans.

The delegation was joined by Volkovysk bikers from the club “Motovolki”.

The participants of the New Generation and the spectators were greeted by the deputy chairman of the Zelva district executive committee Sergey Loiko: “The New Generation music and poetry festival has become the highlight of our district. From year to year we are looking for talented authors who are able to unleash creative potential on this stage. Discover new names – what could be better? I wish the participants successful performances, and the audience – pleasant impressions.

The stage culture, the creative content of the musical material and the lyrics, the arrangement and the accompaniment were all evaluated by the jury members. The panel of judges included Yevgeny Alferovich (soloist of the instrumental and vocal ensemble of the Honored Group of the Republic of Belarus “Grodno Chapel”), Irina Demyanchuk (director of the Grodno EMTSNT), Tatyana Merchi (leading methodologist in the instrumental genre of the Grodno OMTSNT), Yuriy Dy yan Dy yan Dy, yuriy dry, Yury Dechich, yury yuri demyanchuk, Yuriy Demyanchuk; ), Galina Romanchuk (head of the department of ideological work, culture and youth affairs of the Zelva District District Committee). He headed the jury Yevgeny Safonov (instrumentalist of the Grodno Regional Philharmonic).

At that time, as the jury members were clearly delayed with the results, the attention of the public was taken over by Yuri Dikevich – with his poems and songs.

Before the award ceremony – a few words from Yevgeny Alferovich:

 – Once I studied at the Academy of Music at the Faculty of Composition. In the second year of study, I realized that I would not become a composer. It was unpleasant for me to constantly see in front of me a blank sheet of paper, a pencil and an eraser. Thank you for that, – he turned to the participants, – that you are not afraid of a white sheet! Keep writing, do not be afraid of anyone and boldly go on stage!

Contestants were rated in four nominations. Victoria Dolgosheya, Anastasia Kopeyka and Konstantin Vorobey were among the composers, among the poets – Ilona Yurgel, Victoria Lyatskaya and Alexey Yukhnevich. The authors of the jury singled out Alexander Navalenko, Ekaterina Muryseva Anastasia Bondarevich and Svetlana Sonets among the authors of the music and verses of the performed work at the same time. In the nomination “Design team” the duo of Dmitry Soldatenko and Tatiana Proskurskaya won, as well as the rock band “KLIP”. Other participants are awarded with special diplomas.

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