The fire of the II European Games lit in Rome

The fire of the II European Games was lit today in Rome at the Ara Pacis Museum complex, where the famous monument of architecture, the Arch of Peace, is located, BelTA informs.

The leadership of the European Olympic Committees headed by the President of this organization, Janez Kochiyanchich, the Minister of Sport and Tourism of Belarus Sergei Kovalchuk, the director of the Foundation “Direction of the II European Games of 2019” Georgiy Katulin, took part in the ceremony.

Yanez Kochiyanchich passed the fire of the games to the Minister of Sports and Tourism of Belarus, from which the Olympic champion in the 100m race, Yulia Nesterenko, and then the Olympic Games victor in Rio Vladislav Goncharov took over the baton After the renowned swordsman, four-time Olympic champion Elena Belova gave the torch to the II European Games to Belarusian bikers.

On the way to Belarus on May 5-7, it is planned to raise the torch to the highest point of Europe, Mount Blanc. This will make the Belarusian climbers. It is planned to visit the National Olympic Committees of Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland. The flames will be delivered to Belarus accompanied by the biker club The One Chapter Belarus.

In Belarus, the relay will begin its journey on May 12, the torch of the multisports forum will visit all regions: in Brest – May 12-17, Grodno – May 18-23, Vitebsk – May 24-29, Mogilev – May 30 – June 4, Gomel – 5 -10 June, Minsk – 11-16 June.

In Minsk, the “Flame of Peace” will be met on June 17 at the State Flag Square. On the same day, the torch will proceed along Pobediteley Avenue, on June 18, along Independence Avenue. On June 19, participants in the relay will head to Minsk enterprises. Next, it is planned to visit parks and attractions of the city, participate in the welcoming ceremony for athletes in the Village of athletes.

The relay route will end on June 21 at the Dynamo National Olympic Stadium – during the opening ceremony of the II European Games, the forum fire will be lit. The torch relay in Belarus will be attended by 450 torchbearers, which will be the best athletes of the country, famous experts, authoritative figures of science, culture and the arts.

II European Games will be held in Minsk from 21 to 30 June. More than 4 thousand athletes from 50 countries will compete for 200 sets of awards in 15 sports. Belarus received the right to host the II European Games on October 21, 2016, according to the results of voting by delegates from 50 countries at the 45th meeting of the General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees in Minsk.


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