The business-lab «Profi» was started in Zelvenshchina

More than 50 applications and only 30 participants. In Zelvenshchina, the youth business laboratory “Profi” began its work. The first lesson was devoted to acquaintance with the program of the course and the main components of a successful startup.

In class, as in business, there is complete freedom of action. This is the format of trainings. But guys, mostly tenth-graders, are full of attention. The speaker (chief specialist of the economy department of the district executive committee Elena Kazyro) explains what any successful initiative consists of.

Ambition Earn your first million, make the world a better place — everyone has their own motive. But the result is one — a successful product, an implemented initiative.

True, the goal alone is not enough. A minimally viable team is a must. Ideally, it should consist of at least a human resource providing interaction with the external environment (search for necessary contacts, sites, etc.); man-brain, “pumping over” the created product, and man-marketer, promoting it.

And, in fact, we need the idea itself, preferably a unique one.

Of the techniques to achieve the goal of «Be first» — do 10-100 times better, faster, cheaper than the rest; act differently: work with a different audience, use other channels of communication, a different message; become number 1 in the brain of the consumer, occupying a niche first, etc.

And the training participants immediately got a chance to show their ability to find a non-standard approach. Task. Andryushka, a lover of grandma’s pies, very much wanted to visit an elderly relative. But the blue marker on the paper paper “painted” an obstacle in the form of a river. With all that it implies. How to get to the other side? And generally reach the goal?

What options have sounded! Obviously, there is enough competence for business lab members. Therefore, as homework, they received a request to find a creative solution to a household problem.

The guys will be able to evaluate each other’s developments in the general group created in one of the social networks, since the course includes distance learning and correspondence form of work. In general, according to Elena Kazyro, it will consist of three modules, including 6 trainings and a practical unit. In addition to the office, the guys will go on a tour of the successful enterprises of Zelvenshchyna and in the top agrousadbah. At the exit from school, they must offer their projects. The best of them will be supported by sponsors.

The “Profi” youth business laboratory is conducted within the framework of the project “Creating a Sustainable Infrastructure to Support the Development of Startups and Small Businesses in the Regions of Belarus”, implemented by the Public Association for the Promotion of Innovative Business (OSIB) with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The coaches and experts are representatives of the Grodno Oblast Association of Entrepreneurship, the Grodno Oblast Institution of Financial Support for Entrepreneurs, and the Center for Entrepreneurship Support, LLC StyleLine.

Some of the participants share their expectations from participation in the work of the business laboratory.

Danila Valitsky:

– I want to be an entrepreneur, so I signed up for school to get the necessary knowledge. We are here with a friend, and, in principle, we already have some idea related to the development of clothing. I have no doubt that we will succeed.

Julia Kozel:

– Recently I had a rest in the camp “Zubrenok”, and we had a business shift. The program was dominated by lessons in financial literacy and so on. It was very interesting! And here such a school appeared in Zelva. I immediately signed up. I want to understand how it all works, learn project activities. In the future, I would like to create a social project aimed at supporting the elderly.

Alesia ROBAK

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