Tele-consultations are actively applied by medics in Zelva

Electronic prescriptions and medical records, online consultations – Zelva doctors are actively introducing Internet technology into their work practices.

Now in the district hospital you can even get a remote consultation of regional specialists. This was made possible by connecting to a single regional medical Internet network.

The system is nothing complicated. Online consultations in real time are conducted on the basis of the computer room of the district hospital using Skype. Provides Internet connection software engineer Lyudmila Duktik.

–In practice, teleconsultation is as follows: we communicate with regional video communication experts. Such an interactive consultation allows you to quickly consult at a distance on the most difficult cases in patients, which in turn affects the favorable outcome of the course of the disease, –explained Tatiana Miruk, Deputy Head Doctor of the Central Clinical Hospital.

Virtual counseling is carried out by six Grodno city healthcare institutions: the regional clinical hospital, the Phthisiatry center, the cardiology center, the children’s clinical hospital, the perinatal center and the endocrinological dispensary.

As Tatyana Sergeevna told, the need for such video sessions can be caused by various situations. This will help determine the diagnosis, clarify the tactics of treatment, the choice of the type of transportation of the patient, the diagnosis of rare or atypically occurring diseases, the solution of expert questions and much more.

In addition to all patients who need to visit narrow specialists during the examination, it is no longer necessary to overcome a great distance to the regional center. It is enough to come to a virtual reception in the district hospital, saving time and money.

By the way, correspondence teleconsulting is not less popular in our area. Every month, about 60 applications are sent from the CDH for approval of the planned hospitalization of residents of the district, requests for counseling complex cases of diseases in the absence of indications for emergency or urgent medical care. He pressed a couple of buttons – and the extract from the medical card with the full range of examination of the patient flew to the regional specialist, who, having studied the information, sent back an advisory opinion.

–Telemedicine is not a panacea for all problems, but its implementation allows bringing counseling closer to residents of the district,” continues Tatiana Miruk. – In addition, our doctors improve their professional skills during communication with regional specialists. The patient wins in this situation.

Another important aspect. Telemedicine in our country is a complementary technological element of the health care system. Therefore, this service is free for the population.

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