Svetlana Mamul. Her name is written in the Book of Glory of the Zelva district

В Книгу Славы Зельвенского района занесены фамилии многих наших земляков. На одной из страниц рассказывается о достижениях бывшего передового оператора машинного доения СПК «Сынковичи» Светланы Мамуль.

Svetlana Mikhailovna in agriculture came by accident. After all, she started her professional career in a completely different field – she worked at a textile factory in Grodno. A couple of years later she moved to Shchuchin, where she worked in the same industry.

–In 1986, life was such that it was necessary to return to a small homeland – to the village of Chervone Selo, which is in Zelvenshchyna,” recalls the interlocutor. – My profession is urban, so in the village such specialists were not in demand. The chairman of the collective farm “Rassvet” (the current SPK “Synkovichi”) proposed to go as a milkmaid to the farm “Revtovichi”. At first it was not easy. But a person gets used to everything. Over time, I adapted to rural life.

This is how the whole 13 years of labor in animal husbandry fit into the biography of Svetlana Mamul. A woman always approached her business with responsibility and worked according to the principle: if the task is set, it will be surely fulfilled. Therefore, she achieved high results. For example, she received an average of 6.1 tons of milk from each cow, essentially breaking away from her colleagues. How did that happen? The secret to the success of an advanced milkmaid was the easiest.

–She worked as best she could, – notes the specialist. – I treated the Burenks with love, like my pets. Everyone knew from the tips of the ears to the hooves. If suddenly it gets sick – immediately to the veterinarian. And she already tried to care for her more attentively. They can’t say, but they feel care.

The efforts of the women were appreciated according to merit. Repeatedly Svetlana Mikhailovna was thanked with letters of appreciation, letters and diplomas at the district and regional levels. In 2006, for her professional mastery, she was awarded the medal “For Labor Merit”. And in 2007, her name is listed in the Glory Book of Grodno, in 2008, in the District Glory Book.

After a while, Svetlana Mamul decided to change the scope of her activity – agricultural days were replaced by medical ones. Now she works as a nurse in the surgical department of the central regional hospital. – The age made itself felt, the forces for labor on the farm were not the same as those of youth. And the parents began to need care. So I decided to take this step. My family supported my choice, says the interlocutor.

– Of course, there are nuances everywhere. In the hospital, for example, it is very difficult morally, because you have to see the suffering of people. But this creates an even greater desire to help them. That’s what I’m doing now.

Diana Bebech

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