Such refueling is only in Bruzgi and Ashmyana. Zelva gas station fully resumed operation

The event, which Zelvens eagerly awaited, was accomplished. At the updated gas station number 31 more than a week serving the drivers and their cars. Today, representatives of Belarusneft – Grodnooblnefteprodukt (project customers), LLC Tavkor Plus (contracting organization) and representatives of the district governmentsolemnly opened a modern facility.

The gas station has changed beyond recognition. Many call it a multifunctional complex. There is a gas station, a shop and a cozy cafeteria around the clock. And this is not all innovations. One of the main ones is the Mode-4 electric charging station for autocars, which at the moment is only in Bruzgi and Ashmyana.

It took seven months to reconstruct the object of the construction organization LLC Tavkor Plus. And the expectations of the drivers were justified. According to Sergey Markevich, Chief Engineer, First Deputy Director of the Republican Subsidiary Unitary Enterprise “Belorusneft-Grodnooblnefteprodukt”, the station was renewed from scratch. The gas station building has been completely reconstructed, platforms for passengers, guest parking for trucks, buses and much more have been landscaped.

Let the renewed station become the point of attraction for customers, profits and tourists, – Sergey Ivanovich wished.

Continued the ceremony with pleasant traditions. Valery Prokopovich, director of the general contracting organization of Tavkor Plus LLC, handed over to Sergei Markevich a symbolic key for refueling as a sign of putting the object into operation.

In turn, the clergy Jacek Markel and Georgy Subotkovsky, who were present at the meeting, consecrated the station.

And, finally, the long-awaited culmination of the meeting: the first deputy chairman of the district executive committee Yevgeny Gretsky, the first deputy director of the Belorusneft-Grodnooblnefteprodukt RUE Sergey Markevich and the director of Tavkor Plus LLC Valery Prokopovich cut the red ribbon.

Anastasia DUNETS

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