Students help agriculture Synkovichi

Summer – it’s hot in every sense. Especially if vacation prefer working weekdays. It did so fighters of a student team, acting on the basis of SPK “Synkovichi”.

Student group “Heirs of victory named after P. I. Zhdanov” helps the economy is not the first time. This year 13 teenagers work for the benefit of the small homeland. Some guys spend the summer at work in the second season.

– Last summer I worked here as a weightlifter, this year I came to work as a part-time worker. Home classes are not so much, and spend time usefully and at the same time earn – twice as nice, – says Katherine Beer.

– I came to work for the first time, on the advice of a friend. The goals were very simple – to spend time with friends and make money. They are very useful, because this year I went to University. And the conditions in the economy are good. So that advise, come! – Daria Tsygankova shares her impressions.

In fact, all conditions are created for children: work clothes, working equipment are issued. Everyone works on their own schedule. The organization provides delicious and hearty Lunches. Weekend studotryadov often spend time together – the staff were very friendly.

Upon completion of the work in the labor camp, the children will have a small holiday with sweet treats. And also competition of wall Newspapers and representations of students. After all, breaks for rest were useful.

On the example of Katya and Dasha, we were convinced that the summer can pass not only interesting, but also useful. And what you choose next summer, decide for yourself!


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