Sports club karate “Fudosin” turns 18 years old

On September 4, the Fudosin Sports Club karate will celebrate your age of majority. For 18 years, Zelven karateists managed to visit 13 countries of the world, win 2895 medals of various denominations, and admit 375 athletes.

The founder of the club, Vladimir Lameko, considers Fudosin his main achievement in life:

– While studying at the university, I wanted to build a successful sports career – I dreamed of getting into the national karate team. And it worked out. If they told me then that I would return to Zelva, I would laugh. But the will of fate – returned to his small homeland. Then I had the idea that the village needed a sports club. Began to practice alone. He trained and equipped some sports ground in the forest. Once a classmate turned to me and asked me to teach his nephew the martial art – I agreed. Soon, the boy called his friend, and he called another … So it spun. I still remember the moment that enthralled me: running cross-country, I turn around, and a crowd of students follow me!

The karate sports club “Fudosin” (which means “unshakable spirit” in Japanese) was created as a regional children’s sports public association.

– Success did not come immediately. At first, Fudosin was far from the first in the ranking of Belarusian clubs. Real victories came only in about 15 years. Then they entered the international arena, ”says Vladimir Ivanovich. – Over 18 years, I managed to participate in 221 competitions of various levels: in world, international, European championships, championships of the Republic of Belarus in karate, etc. We became winners or prize-winners in six styles of karate (shotokan WSKF) traditional (ITKF), sports (WKF) , shito-ryu, wado-ryu, goju-ryu, contact (IRIGUMI-JIU), contact WUSHU (WUSHU-SANDA), TAEKWONDO. Managed to visit countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Holland, Serbia, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Russia, Germany and Italy.

Fellow karate workers come to Zelva on a return visit: in the secondary school No. 3, on the basis of which the sports club operates, 21 regional and 10 republican competitions took place. JCC “Fudosin” is part of the Belarusian Federation of Shotokan karate-do city of Minsk.

Since 2005, Fudosin has been among the three best clubs of the Grodno region in shotokan karate, and has been holding the championship for the last eight years.

As for the republican scale, in 2009 the club took the fifth team place, in 2010 – the ninth, in 2011 – the fourth, in 2012 – the third, in 2013 – also the third, in 2015 – the long-awaited first place, in 2016 – they held the first place.

At the World Championships in 2011 in the city of Halle (Germany), the Fudosin club took the sixth team place, at the international tournament in Gomel in 2013 – the third, at the international competitions “Baltic Cup” in Lithuania in 2014 – the second, “Club Cup Europe WTKA / SKDUN-2016 ”in D Домbrowa Górnicza (Poland) in 2016 – the fifth.


At the world and European championships, 208 medals were won: 71 gold, 51 silver, 86 bronze.

At international and national competitions, the club’s athletes won 1674 medals: 616 gold, 550 silver, 508 bronze.

At regional competitions won 1013 medals of various denominations.

Over 18 years, 375 athletes have been trained, with one karate-do instructor, one karate-do master of sports, and a candidate for master of sports in karate-do and taekwondo. 14 athletes of the club have I category in karate-do.

– It must be, as in every club, we have leading athletes. Natalya Savchenko, Anastasia Matyuk, Oleg Kopach, Vladislav Goncharenko, Kirill Shishko, Alesya Robak, Artyom Salov – not looking at the young age of some karatekas, they have already managed to make themselves known on the world stage, having won high champion titles.

Currently, classes at the Fudosin Club are attended by 23 students from Zelva and Zelva district, from the age of 5 to 47.

– Karate is not always about improving physical condition. Martial art helps to gain self-confidence, broaden one’s horizons and find new friends, ”says Vladimir Lameko, head of the Fudosin Sports and Commercial Complex.

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