Relay “Flame of Peace” will arrive in Grodno May 18

The flame of the world will travel around Grodno for six days, bringing together thousands of people. II European Games will be held in Minsk from 21 to 30 June. The flames of the world will travel through our region for six days. At the relay all the way there will be a direct connection with Grodno region – torches for it are made in Novogrudok.

On May 3, the fire of the II European Games will be solemnly lit in Rome. On May 5–7, Belarusian climbers will raise the torch of the “Flame of Peace” to the highest point of Europe – Mount Mont Blanc. The relay will cross the border of Belarus on May 12. The first to meet guests of the Brest region, in Grodno the “Flame of Peace” will arrive on May 18.

In Grodno region, the relay caravan will start moving in the regional center – from Lenin Square. The participants of the relay race will run and cycle along the main streets of the city. On the second day, the fire keepers deliver the flame to the August Channel. Part of the route of the relay will be held here by water: torchbearers will become passengers of water transport.
The next stopping point is Verteliški agro-town – the center of Progress-Verteliški SEC. In the column of vintage cars the caravan will pass through Volkovysk, where the flame will rise to the famous Swedish mountain. A visit to Mir Castle will be symbolic. Torchbearers will also visit Novogrudok, Berezovka, Lida. On the final day, On May 23, the “Flame of Peace” will arrive in Zalesye, in the museum-estate of M.-K. Oginsky in Smorgon, where a ball will be held in honor of the bright event. Finishing the relay in the Grodno region, in agrotown Gervyaty, near the walls of the architectural pearl of Belarus – the Trinity Church.

About 30 people will become torchbearers in our region – famous immigrants from the region, honorary citizens of cities and districts, athletes, public figures.

In the transport caravan of the torch relay there will be several passenger minibuses and a car, two trucks, and the traffic police will always be escorted all the way.

In Grodno region, the procession will take place on the territory of seven regions – Grodno, Volkovysk, Korelichsky, Novogrudsky, Lida, Smorgon, and Ostrovetsky. The route has already been agreed, the format of the events held here has been determined.

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