On the eve of the II European games at the stadium “Kolos” will update the audience stands

A pleasant surprise awaits fans of sports shows. In the near future, the stadium “Kolos” will update the spectator stands. 707 plastic seats will be installed here. Such as at the Moscow Luzhniki stadium.

About 50 years the stadium “Kolos” unites sports fans and professional athletes at competitions of regional, regional and even international level. For example, in 2018 there were 18 regional competitions, 14 games of the Grodno region football Championship, the regional stage of football competitions among children and adolescents “Leather ball”. In addition, on the football field in a friendly match fought clubs “Seagull” and “WARTA” (Kramsk, Poland).

And this year, according to the chief specialist of the Executive Committee in charge of sports and tourism, Natalia Gospodarik, a lot of meetings are planned. Silvermine take the regional stage of competitions among children and teenagers “Leather ball” (athletes of younger age group). Adult football players will also play on the field within the framework of the Grodno region football Championship.

– This year a lot of attention is paid to sports facilities in Belarus. In June, the II European games, which will be held in Minsk, will bring together about 4,000 athletes from 50 countries. It is important to receive guests and athletes at the highest level, – says Natalia Gospodarik.

And though the game itself is not affected Zelva, match the sports image of the country is necessary. Three banners dedicated to the European games have already been installed in the district center. The next step is the modernization of the stands at the stadium “Kolos”. In the near future, employees of the sports and fitness center will install here more than 700 white and blue seats.

The “new thing” took about 15 thousand rubles. Further 6 thousand rubles was sponsored by a private company “Zilant”. The Director of limited liability company Vladimir Garbuz already bought 537 chairs. The remaining funding of the initiative is provided from the district budget.

Anastasia DUNETS

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