On June 12, events dedicated to Energy Days will start in Zelvenshchyna

The participants of the meeting of the working group on the Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy decided to join the European Sustainable Energy Week and organize Energy Days in Zelive region.

Zelva supported the international initiative aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere and improving urban infrastructure in 2018 — a working group was set up in the fall. It includes representatives of local authorities and interested services. To date, they have prepared baseline data for the inventory, which includes information on sources of greenhouse gas emissions in our area. In the near future, the list will be reviewed by experts of the IPO “Ecopartnership”.

Then, on its basis, they will draw up an action plan for sustainable development and climate. As for the other areas of work under the Agreement, members of the working group are actively acquainted with projects implemented in neighboring regions. For example, recently the deputy chairman of the district executive committee, Vitaly Dubovsky, took part in a seminar held in Novogrudchin.

Vitaly Vikentevich told his colleagues how alternative energy sources are used, namely heliosystems, in the Novogrudok central regional hospital and kindergarten. Solar energy has significantly reduced the cost of heating water for the units of the hospital and the kindergarten pool. From October 2018 to May of this year, the savings in the health care institution amounted to about 4,000 euros. During the off-site event, not only the groundwork, but also miscalculations and mistakes in the projects of neighboring regions proposed for consideration by the OIE were discussed.

– In order for the ecoproject to have the support of international partners, it must be, firstly, elaborated in detail, and secondly, original, in order to interest the experts. And, of course, in the future, it should realize the main objectives of the Agreement, – said Vitaly Dubovsky.

Each inhabitant of the region will be able to review their attitude towards ecology and energy conservation issues as early as next week, since from June 12 a number of events devoted to Energy Days will start in Zelvenshchyna. These are informational hours, quizzes and contests, open days, sports competitions, concerts, and more. So that every Zelenvets realizes that it is necessary to save energy and use energy resources rationally.

Lyudmila POPKO

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