“Newspapers – in a pile, plastic – on the porch” – survey about separate garbage collection

How Zelwa peaple to the separate collection of garbage, replies sought correspondent of “Praca”.

Valentina Arapinovich:

– In principle, in Zelva with the culture of separate collection of garbage things are not bad. When you sort, it is easier to dispose of and hand over. Most of my friends (there are a lot of “fans” among them) also practice sorting. There are all possibilities for this – there are enough containers in the urban settlement. Useful example teach and grandchildren. Although they can easily teach me: quite often they give advice or recommendations from the Internet, how in elementary life it is possible to reduce the emission of pollution into the environment. In this regard, the Europeans have moved much further Belarusians. In everyday life I try to use more “natural” materials. If I buy milk, I will choose what is in the carton. Yes, and then the paper box is easier to dispose of – burn in a home oven.

Nikolay Odintsov:

– 6 years I live alone – all this time I share the garbage. Newspapers – in a pile, plastic – in the corner. All this is stored, like Plyushkin, on the veranda. When I litter everything completely, I burn paper in the oven, I carry the bottles in special boxes for collecting recyclables. It happens that you go to the forest for mushrooms, and you just wonder: why so much garbage? This, of course, is still ignorance – to leave garbage in the forest. For such fines need to punish. But who? Not caught, not a thief. And there will be this plastic bottle, if not removed, a whole century lie. What to do – sloppy people have always been, are and will be. And those who are not indifferent to this problem can only get on a Saturday and tidy up.

Anatoly Kniha:

– I share the garbage. No wonder that utilities equip platforms with multi-colored boxes! Glass – in a blue container, polymers – in yellow. Nothing complicated! Sometimes you look around – it’s a mess! Every day the situation is getting worse. And if the paper decomposes in six months, then the plastic – within 50-100 years! I would like each person to start with himself – watch his “culture”, setting an example for the rest.

Maria Laguta:

– I live in Chervon Selo. Before us, the practice of separation of garbage, unfortunately, has not yet reached. Every Thursday a utility truck arrives in the village and picks up bags of garbage. And in them – all mixed up. Even if they were divided, so everything is loaded into one car – there’s no use. But if we, the villagers, were offered to sort the waste, I think most would agree. But it’s embarrassing: the 21st century is outside, and we still seem to ignore global environmental trends.

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