More than 80 thousand Belarusian rubles was spent on the construction of the first station of deferrization

In agro Derechin opened the station of deferrization. Until the end of the year, similar facilities will become operational in Slovatychi and Golynko.

The opening ceremony was held in a festive atmosphere, the event was attended by representatives of the district authorities, municipal services, residents of the agrotown.

With a salutatory word to the people addressed first Deputy Chairman of district Executive Committee Yauhen Gretskiy:

– For construction of iron removal station has been spent 39 thousand rubles from the Republican budget and a further 45 thousand from the regional budget. All this money is successfully spent. I would like to thank Grodnovodokanal, which experts involved in construction: work carried out efficiently and on time. And to all those present to wish good health, prosperity and, of course, clean water.

The priority of construction of iron removal stations in the area were determined on the basis of the analysis of the water supplied to the settlements.

– Before the start of the project Deracine the content of iron in local drinking water exceeded the norm several times. Today, this station brings the water quality up to standard indicators, – said the headmaster of the Republican unitary enterprise of housing and communal services Andrew Oskirko.

The station operates in automatic mode. Here drinking water will be treated using biological method. After saturated with oxygen will go into the homes of residents of agro-town, social facilities.

– The opening of the iron removal station, we waited impatiently as the water we had with metallic taste, – said the head of agro Taisa beach. On behalf of all residents I Express my deep gratitude to the local authorities for the construction of such important to our community object. The event ended on a festive note – a concert for the villagers was prepared by the cultural workers.


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