More than 30 kilometers, the inhabitants of Zeliven overcame during the last bike ride this year

In the circle of the great friendly bike, the cycling season in Zelvenshchyna was closed. Despite weather forecasts, the weather “did not let us down.” More than 30 zelivens went to the start of the last bike ride this year.

The organizers of cycling tried their best. FOSTS together with the district union of trade unions prepared an unusual distance for the participants. The owners of two-wheeled transport could not only ride with the wind on the roads of Zelvenshchyna, but also got acquainted with the history and sights of the agrarian town of Derechin closer.

On your marks! Attention! Go!

The starting point of the route was the dam of the reservoir. It was here that cyclists gathered from early morning. Together with the participants – employees of the ROVD, Traffic Police and medical workers, who throughout the trip monitored the safety and well-being of the Zelives. Fortunately, there were no incidents.

Meet, Derechin!

From Zelva to Derechin. 16 km route behind. In the agro-town participants were already expected. In the center of culture and folk art they were greeted with songs: the folk ensemble of the folk song “Zvanochki” performed.

In continuation of the route master class on wood carving. The works of Valeriy Fitinsky impressed the inhabitants of Zelive.

On average, one exposure takes from two to five days, – explained the master.

It’s hard to believe, but Valery independently mastered wood carving. It took him 4 years to become a master of his craft. The man says the main thing is the desire to learn. As you can see, he had it.

Some could not resist and took up the tools of the master. That is to say, plunged into the business with the head.

On the shrines of the agro-town

It is impossible to visit Derechin and walk past the majestic church of the early twentieth century. Participants of the bike ride were no exception. Moreover, the church is one of the points of the cycle route.

Natalya Stupchik, a licensed guide from the National Tourism Agency, captured the attention of the Zelyvants from the first minute. The girls were interested in the history of the restoration of the building. After all, it is associated with tender feelings between a man and a woman.

In 1951, after the death of the priest, the church was closed. It was used as a warehouse for building materials, fruits and vegetables. Soon the building was not to be recognized: the ceiling and roof collapsed, one tower with a cross survived. However, during the perestroika period, attitudes toward religion changed. Catholics put a lot of effort to revive the church. The lion’s merit in this belongs to the Frenchman Jan Kerchner.

During the Second World War in Germany, Jan met a native of Derechin, Irene Zhukovskaya. Since then, they have not parted. Lived abroad in abundance. After the death of Irena, Yang arrived at his wife’s homeland. Seeing the condition of the church, he decided to revive it. Thereby honor the memory of Irena. On August 14, 1993, the grand opening of the church took place, ”said Natalia Stupchik.

Another point of the route was the Church of the Transfiguration. Excursion for Zelivens was conducted by the rector of the church, Nikolai Glyad:

“This church is remarkable not so much for its size and interesting architecture as for its amazing wall paintings. The altar and domed part of the temple is decorated with biblical scenes and images of saints. Unfortunately, the church archives did not preserve information about who created this amazing masterpiece and when. But one thing is certain: the author of the murals was a master of his craft and a man of deep faith.

At the “house of eternity”

It was here (at the gates of the Jewish cemetery) participants of the bike ride met. In Hebrew, many names are used to refer to burial. Including the “house of eternity.”

According to the guide, Natalia Stupchik, at the beginning of the twentieth century, there were more than 1,300 Jews in Derechin.

The main difference between Christian and Jewish cemeteries comes from the traditional Jewish principle of “not breaking the graves”: the relics of the departed must remain in the place where they were interred. Each tombstone and cemetery is generally inviolable, as long as its location is known. Exceptions include cases where the remains are transferred to the Holy Land or to a family grave (crypt), added Natalia.

Finish in Berezhki

After the excursion, the Zelives again “straddled the iron horses” and set off in the opposite direction. The final point of the route was the recreation center “Berezhki”. The organizers were already waiting for participants. Hot fragrant ear was just what we needed.

In a circle of friendly cycling, the participants shared their impressions.

All liked it. The road to Derechin is not close, but it was worth it. Tour of agrotown was a success. All information is new to me personally, ”said Nadezhda Mosalskaya.

For Andrei Mihuty it was not difficult to overcome 30 km by bike:

Every day on the bike I get to work in Zelva from the agro-town of Borodichi. In addition, I go fishing in the village of Vishnevka (about 15 km).

In addition, Andrew is already his boyfriend on cycle routes. Zelvenets did not miss a single bike ride this season. And they were a little bit eight.

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