“Man of the Year of Grodno Region” – Tatiana Grigorik

On the eve of the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus and the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the country from the Nazi invaders in Grodno, the governor of the region Vladimir Kravtsov presented the annual award of the regional executive committee “Man of the Year of Grodno”. Tatyana Grigorik, the machine milking operator of the state-owned enterprise “Gorynka”, is among the 18 recipients.

In addition, the decision of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee for Labor Merit Tatyana Viktorovna is listed on the regional Board of Honor.

Tatyana Grigorik has been on the farm for 27 years. And all these years it has been milking cows at the Dorogobush dairy farm. For achieving high performance in the livestock industry has been repeatedly encouraged by letters and letters of thanks. In her piggy bank there are two medals “For labor merit” and a medal “100 years of agriculture”.

Diana Bebech

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