Karolina Bogdanovich will present the ZNOVA project at the republican stage of the contest “100 Ideas for Belarus”

Zelvenchanka Karolina Bogdanovich will defend the honor of the Grodno region at the republican stage of the annual youth competition “100 Ideas for Belarus”. A psychologist will present the ZNOVA project, which is being worked on by a team of secondary school №2 under the supervision of chemistry teacher Natalia Grom.

The regional stage of the competition was held in the city of Beryozovka, Lida district. The participants presented 28 innovative projects to the jury. A ticket to participate in the finals received the 4 best.

— It is noteworthy that this year most of the ideas are aimed at the development of industrial, construction, information and communication and aerospace technologies. Many projects relate to the most important areas: medicine, pharmacy and ecology, and noted. about. First Secretary of the Zelvensky Republic of Kazakhstan NGO «Belarusian Republican Youth Union» Maria Ludich.

The work of the zelwentz also concerns the conservation of the environment. Chemistry teacher of secondary school №2 Natalya Grom with colleagues and students developed the ZNOVA eco-project for the production of paper from reeds and dry grass. In May 2019, the idea was presented in the final of the republican contest of social projects Social Weekend. Today the ZNOVA team is developing a promising project and is participating in various competitions with it.

— On the territory of Zelva there are forest lakes, a reservoir and a river. The shores of water bodies require cleaning from reed beds, – said Karolina Bogdanovich. — There should be no problems with raw materials, especially since cosmopolitan is restored annually. And with the material base there are difficulties. In order to establish minimal production, you need to purchase special equipment for the school. To do this, you need 7,400 rubles. Therefore, we are actively looking for sponsors who will help implement the eco-idea.

For small cities, such as Zelva, such projects have tangible social significance. Thanks to them, people who want but cannot get a job will both earn money and help nature.

Kristina Soloduho

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