In the «Northern» microdistrict, the former hostel of Agricultural chemistry is being reconstructed into a 15-apartment residential building

Several years ago, the old hostel was transferred to the ownership of RUE Housing and Public Utilities. His condition, frankly, was depressing. Therefore, it was decided to reconstruct the building into a residential building.

– The money was allocated from the regional budget, – said the head of the department of architecture and construction, Gennady Panasik. – Cost
The facility is estimated at 1 110,697 thousand rubles.

Construction is carried out by specialists of the Volkovysk PMK-143 OJSC. The local MPMK-148 operates on a subcontract. Work at the facility began in June. Entering the house is scheduled for September this year, so that the first tenants will be able to move into new apartments very soon. The house will have 15 turnkey apartments: 9 one-room, 3 two-room and 3 three-room.

As noted by Gennady Gennadеvich, the project provides for redevelopment of the premises, since the hostel was of a corridor type. For convenience, the stairwell was taken out to a special extension, from which the entrance to each of the three floors is equipped. Balconies will appear in all apartments, and electric stoves will be installed in the kitchens.

– We are also shifting external networks – heating, electricity, water and sewage, – the head of the department of architecture and construction said. – Inside the building, we change all engineering communications.
The builders have already begun internal finishing and sanitary work — they are installing water supply and sewage systems, and they are carrying out electrical work. Recently switched to outdoor work.

According to Gennady Panasik, thermal rehabilitation of the house is provided. Then the building is “dressed” in new clothes.

The practice of “reprofiling” buildings, according to the head of the department of architecture and construction, is a good reserve for solving the housing problem.

According to the information of the “one window” service of the district executive committee, those who need to improve housing conditions will become new residents in the new house orphans and one disabled family. 5 apartments are intended for commercial use as rental housing.


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