In the camp “Blue Wave” for the improving season modernize the corps

Paint the buildings, renovate the furniture, bring living rooms in proper condition, and even equip bathrooms … In the Blue Wave Children’s Camp, preparation for the upcoming season is in full swing.

Camp director Vasily Kichuk — in anticipation of an active summer season. But for the time being, it is not the wellness process that has to be managed, but the construction process: barely stepping onto the camp, you can hear the noise of a working grinder, the hammering of a hammer and the hum of a concrete mixer.

“Safety and comfort are the main requirements for the work of our institution,” notes Vasily Sergeevich. — The hulls were built more than three decades ago, therefore they require modernization. At the institution, it began in 2018.

Houses are reconstructed in turn and what is called «turnkey»: install new windows and doors, repair floors and roofs, change furniture, decorate walls in the halls with decorative plaster. According to this technology, three out of ten sleeping houses have already been updated. In one even equipped bathrooms, there is hot water.

This year, the reconstruction of buildings will continue. Due to the redevelopment of the sleeping rooms, sanitary modules with shower cabins, toilet rooms and washbasins will appear here. Such transformations will make the sleeping rooms even more cozy and comfortable.

 “This season we will work in four shifts,” — said Vasily Kichuk. — In total, we plan to improve 720 children. We will do everything so that for each of them, 18 days in the summer camp will become a real event. But it is in the short term.

In the meantime, landscaping is underway. Pre-determined list and order of work. And as soon as the favorable weather was established, they got down to business. The workers set up sidewalk walkways, tiled the steps to the houses, change the glass in the windows, repair the floors and prepare them for painting. Repair of the roof is engaged in the construction team MPMK-148.

Gloss inducted in the dining room, on the summer stage platform and in all production facilities.

The security of schoolchildren remains in the center of attention of the administration — before the season begins, camp fencing around the perimeter of the territory is being modernized in the camp.

By the way, the camp is preparing for the arrival of children not only the material base, but also an educational and entertainment program. For school students come up with various actions and projects. Some of them will be timed to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus and the Year of the Small Motherland. Workers are already installing thematic small architectural forms.

At the end of the work left a month and a half. On the eve of the most popular recreation season, a special commission will supervise the readiness of the camp to receive children.


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