In gratitude for the peaceful sky. Anniversary Medal awarded to veteran Mikhail Kuznetsov

The veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Mikhail Kuznetsov, puts on his ceremonial jacket, which is decorated with the Order of the Red Star, the Order of the Patriotic War and numerous medals, in exceptional cases. Another occasion – the meeting of the guests who came to present him with an honorary award – the anniversary medal “75 years of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders.”

“The qualities you showed, Mikhail Nikolayevich, during the war years and in the difficult post-war years of restoring the country deserve unlimited respect and most sincere thanks,” Sergey Loiko, deputy chairman of the district executive committee, addressed the veteran. – Your labor feat, active life position – an example for many generations of the inhabitants of the field. A deep bow to you and all the warriors who liberated our country from fascism”.

Mikhail Kuznetsov, receiving a military agenda at the end of 1942, did not know that he was destined to participate in the two largest strategic operations of the Second World War, to be the liberator of a number of countries and cities.

Initially, the private soldier mastered the specialty of a radio operator of a tank brigade, then a motorcycle regiment of the Volga Military District. In the summer of 1943, he was sent to the 169th separate tank brigade of the Central Front under the command of Army General Konstantin Rokossovsky. The troops had the task: to hold the main blow of the enemy on the Kursk Bulge. Here huge forces were concentrated and three defensive lines were built. At the cost of enormous losses (people and equipment), the troops of the Central and Voronezh fronts stopped the advance of the German attack units. The troops of the Bryansk and Central Fronts and part of the forces of the Western liberated a vast territory and inflicted a crushing defeat on a group of German armies. The final operation was Belgorod-Kharkov, in which the troops of the Voronezh and Steppe Fronts defeated a powerful enemy force, thereby creating favorable conditions for the liberation of the left-bank Ukraine.

The troops of the Central Front, which included a brigade of Mikhail Kuznetsov, liberated the city outside the city. In one of the battles under Yelnya, Mikhail was badly wounded.

After treatment, he was already sent to the 3rd Belorussian Front. Sergeant Kuznetsov commanded the detachment of machine gunners tank assault of the 5th Army. At the first stage of the liberation operation “Bagration” the army participated in the battles on the Vitebsk-Orsha area. Together with other armies of the 3rd Belorussian and 1st Baltic fronts, they broke through the enemy defenses in the suburbs of Vitebsk, forced the Western Dvina, and fought for Orsha. At the 2nd stage, the army fought for Vilnius and other settlements.

“I still remember fierce battles, broken enemy vehicles and captured soldiers,” says Mikhail Kuznetsov. – Three Germans, who raised their hands up, did not kill. I handed them over to the command, and with the paratroopers I went further by military roads.

After demobilization, the warrior-liberator returned to his mother’s homeland, in the Volkovyssk district. Labor related to journalism. Initially, he worked in the political department of the Volkovysk MTS “Kolkhoznaya Pravda”, then as an editor at Svisloch. After graduating from the Republican Party School under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, he headed the editorial board of the Zelva district newspaper. The front-line soldier has always occupied an active life position: he headed the district council of veterans, performed as part of the choir of war veterans Uspamіn, and participated in the patriotic education of schoolchildren. For his fruitful work in the field of journalism and public life in the district, Mikhail Nikolayevich was awarded the honorary title “Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Belarus”.

“I am always glad to meet with the district administration, representatives of institutions, public organizations and volunteers,” the veteran thanked the guests. – Thank you for not forgetting us, the participants of combat battles, give us so much attention. I wish everyone the most important thing – to value and protect the world on earth! And as always, Mikhail Kuznetsov escorted the guests, including the head of a separate group (Zelva district) of the Slonim united military commissariat Yevgeny Shishko, chairman of the Belarusian Women’s Union, director of the TsSON Svetlana Zammoytna, his favorite front-song “Oh, roads, dust and fog … ”

Lyudmila POPKO

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