II European games: program, ticket prices and the most popular sports

The most spectacular episode of the sports forum will be, of course, the opening ceremony of the Games.

The latest technologies of augmented reality, lighting and projection effects, performances of famous artists and real world-class stars and, finally, a parade of athletes, which will be attended by athletes from 50 countries of Europe, declared to participate in the games — to see it can be lucky almost once in a lifetime.

Now the price of tickets for the ceremony varies from 150 to 300 Br. The price tag is small, if you compare it with the scale and grandeur of the show.

According to the number of tickets sold, it is possible to draw conclusions which sports in the upcoming sports fight will be the most popular among fans. These included dynamic athletics, beach football, rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatics, and, surprisingly, karate.

The first preliminary round of athletics starts on June 23 at the Olympic stadium «Dynamo». Tickets cost from 17 to 30 Br. Individual awards in athletics among athletes will be drawn at the end of the first day of the competition, and the award ceremony for the first time in history will be held in the main fan zone on June 24 at 7 pm. By the way, 30 teams with the best rating at the end of the European team Championships were selected to participate in the competitions, and this is about six hundred athletes. Athletes will perform in 9 types of programs and play 9 sets of awards.

In total, the II European games will feature 15 sports and 23 sports disciplines: acrobatics, aerobics, badminton, basketball, Boxing and wrestling, Cycling on the highway and track, sports and artistic gymnastics, kayaking and Canoeing, judo and karate, athletics, table tennis, beach football, trampoline, Sambo, shooting bullet and bench, archery. A detailed program of competitions and direct links to the purchase of tickets can be found on the official website of the II European games https://minsk2019.by.

Fans of beach football should definitely visit the sports complex «Olympic». It is here that on June 25, eight national teams will play only one set of medals. In addition, it is also an opportunity to evaluate the new stadium for beach football, which was opened only last year. The fight for 5-8 place between the teams will flare up on June 29, and the best of them will meet in the final on the same day.

Those who did not have time to buy a ticket to a bright football show, should hurry. Almost all the «receipts» have already sold out. On the stands remained limited number of seats, tickets on which for example not on the first tentative round of would cost in 15 – 20 Br. The «left overboard» still has hope for «rehabilitation» – the total planned number of seats in the stands during all sporting events of the II European games is 375 thousand, but this number will probably be increased to 535 thousand depending on demand.

Karatekas will meet in the preliminary round of the sports match in Chizhovka arena on June 29 – 96 athletes will compete for 12 sets of medals. The sport has been included in the program of the Olympic games since 2020, and therefore for someone the tournament will be a ticket to Tokyo. Entrance tickets to the competition can be purchased for 7 or 10 Br, depending on the sector. But on the final of the competition, which will also be held on June 29, there are still places at a price of 18 to 25 Br.

Competitions in the most graceful, plastic and elegant sports – rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatics – will start on June 22 with the definition of the strongest in the individual all-around, the most prestigious Olympic discipline. Competitions will be held in one of the most modern multifunctional sports complexes in Europe – «Minsk-Arena», and you can take your place here on the podium for only 20 or 30 Br.

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