“I paid a tax of about 35 rubles, and made a profit of 1000 USD” – a pensioner from Zoloteevo leads a successful and honest business

The matter of a lifetime and favorite hobbies even in retirement can bring moral satisfaction and a good income. Irina Naumchik from the village of Zoloteevo knows this firsthand. Not the first year in the framework of decrees No. 337 “On the regulation of the activities of individuals” and No. 364 “On the implementation by individuals of the craft activities” she works for herself. What does age limit do in business? This and not only Irina Arkadieva told the Pratsa newspaper reporter, welcoming her at home.

Retired Irina Naumchik fifth year. Before a well-deserved rest, she taught children biology. Worked in Derechinsk and Zoloteevsk schools, was a landscaper in Derechinsk CPC.

– I have been engaged in plants all my life, – says Irina Arkadyevna. – In my childhood I even wanted to become a gardener.

And it was possible to realize the dream. True, retired, when her son Eugene offered her to start his own business – to grow and sell flowers. Without thinking, Irina supported the initiative. Especially for the realization of the idea there were all the conditions: the land, the professional knowledge of the biologist and a great desire to do what he loved.

– They started with lilies, – recalls Irina Arkadyevna. – About 10 acres planted. Many came to us to look at a beautiful flower field. We wanted to remember the fragrant aroma.

But before starting to grow and sell flowers as an individual entrepreneur, a lot had to be done: to settle all the issues with the tax inspectorate and the seed control laboratory, which carries out land inspections. There were enough nuances, and after the son moved away from the business, Irina Arkadyevna began to work according to other rules.

– As an individual, – she explained. – I pay a single tax only at the time of the sale of flowers. And all the checks are in the past.

For example, this year Irina Arkadyevna worked in May and June. I paid the tax for a month and a half – about 35 rubles, and the profit from the products sold (4000 seedlings) – 1000 USD.

– I did not even have time to go to the market. All products were taken in bulk, – says Irina Naumchik.

Many people learn about the flower business of the women from the Internet. When they call her, they just say: they found you on social networks. By the way, here you can learn about another passion of Irina Arkadyevna – weaving from a rod.

– I remember, i bought a basket, opened it, understood the technology and decided that it was mine, – said Irina.

At first, weaving from a vine became her hobby, a little later – an additional source of income. Irina Arkadyevna sells manufactured products within the framework of Decree No. 364 “On the implementation of craft activities by individuals”, paying a single tax once a year.

– I never thought that I would work for myself. But it so happened that my hobbies generate income. Why not? If in our state all conditions are created for self-employment at any age,Irina Arkadyevna summarized.

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