How will the 80th anniversary of the district be celebrated in Zelvenschina?

2020 — a milestone year for Zelvanshchina. 80 years ago, a new territorial-administrative unit appeared on the map of Belarus — Zelvensky district. Since then, not a year has been significant discoveries, achievements and new names that have become an integral part of the history of the region. So what will the coming year be like? How to celebrate the district’s birthday?

A bright and memorable opening of the celebration will be a gala concert dedicated to the anniversary date. On January 31, at 15:30, labor veterans, honored workers of enterprises and organizations of the district will gather in the center of culture and folk art. People without whom the long history of the region is impossible.

As the head of the department of ideological work, culture and youth affairs of the district executive committee Galina Romanchuk said, many surprises are being prepared for the guests of honor. The holiday will begin in the foyer of the cultural center, where citizens will meet the folk ensemble of folk instruments “Collage”. The rank of “People’s Amateur Team of the Republic of Belarus” has been working for 13 years. The artists’ repertoire includes folk, classical and pop music, which was liked by the public of Priemanne and even abroad. «Collage» performed in the cities of Poland and Latvia.

Under the bewitching sounds of live music, guests will be transferred to the past. A peculiar time machine will be the photo exhibition “It was — it became”, a presentation of the organizations of the district “History and Modernity”, a book exhibition “Zelvensky district — 80”.

– The expositions reflect the various epochs of the development and formation of the Zelvenschina, its people, including the life of invited veterans, – Galina Romanchuk specified. — I think the last one will be nice to find yourself in the pictures.

The historical excursion will continue during the concert. The best Zelven artists will show the audience a theatrical prologue “I am proud of you, my dear land”, will present a literary and musical composition with the video series “We are fortunate that we were born here”. Invited guests will also perform on the stage — the Rada Musical Theater. The work of the collective is known in the cities of Belarus, Russia, Poland and Latvia. The program of artists includes Belarusian and Cossack themes. They say that it’s difficult to sit still from the drive and energy emanating from the Rada.

The concert is just the beginning of the anniversary year. Each month, themed events will be held in the area. Meetings of labor veterans will continue. Particular attention is paid to the Zelvenians, who, like the district, will celebrate their eighty-year birthday in 2020. It turned out that the latter — more than 160 people. Some of them — agrarians Viktor Suprun, medical workers Vladimir Sosnovsky and Andrei Freiberg — are already known to the Zelvens thanks to the special project “Man in the History of the Region”. The initiative of Praca and the district council of veterans is gaining popularity. More and more citizens want to tell on the pages of the newspaper about outstanding compatriots.

The younger generation did not remain aloof from the round date. Students together with teachers organize thematic exhibitions in museum rooms. In the near future they will be available to everyone.

The culmination of the 80th anniversary of the district will be the first day of the Annensky Kirmash. On August 21, they will award labor veterans, the best workers of organizations and enterprises, well-known compatriots of the Zelvenschina, winners of district competitions dedicated to the anniversary of the district.


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