Head of sports club karate “Fudosin” Vladimir Lameka became a two-time world champion

From 10 to 13 October in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) took the championship and the world Cup of Shotokan karate-do: participated 1225 athletes from 33 countries. At the local karate competitions, made the national team of the Republic of Belarus. About how everything went, shared his impressions of the now twice world champion Vladimir Lameka.

The competition took place in a modern newly built sports complex. 10 tatami, 3 days of sports battles – unforgettable emotions! – he noted. – The national team included about 50 participants from all over Belarus. Including from Zelva: 4 karateka team represented Vladislav Goncharenko, Artem Salov, Ksenia Voitchuk and I (the club leader) represented the Fudosin JCC team.

The four were preparing for the competition for a whole year:

“Having determined the composition of the team that will go to the championship, they began to prepare hard: we tested new programs, techniques,” said Vladimir Ivanovich. – The day before, there were two qualifying stages of the republican competitions. The last three months have been especially stressful: I had to train every day. And not only in Minsk, Volkovysk, and, as usual, in secondary school No. 3 of the urban village of Zelva.

With fresh visas went on a 20-hour trip to Europe. Upon arrival, we were accommodated in a hotel, where, by the way, without losing minutes, we also managed to exercise.The composition of the section this time was stronger than at the similar championship last year in Chisinau. We were third, so we had the opportunity to look at others. Having made the necessary amendments in his speech, “they went into battle,” recalls Vladimir Lameko. – Very worried. I made a mistake, but it was not critical – it allowed me to rise to the highest step of the pedestal. They waited for the rest of the teams to perform. The heart was beating at maximum speed. And here is the announcement of the results: we took first place! It is impossible to describe this feeling when you stand on a pedestal holding the flag of the Motherland: both pride and joy are tears! When you realize that the grueling workouts that were left behind were not in vain! It must be that every athlete, once experienced such emotions, will never forget them.

In the children’s sections of the international cup, as always, there were many – 20 participants each. And, nevertheless, Ksenia Voitchuk won 2 medals: 2nd place in the individual kata and 3rd in the team. Experienced athletes Artem Salov and Vladislav Goncharenko this time were left without awards, but they gained sports experience.

“We will work on the mistakes, adjust the training program and train further,” summed up the head of the JCC “Fudosin”. – Victories do not only consist of wins: sometimes failures become an impetus for new achievements!

Vladimir Lameko thanks his team: Viktor Gubin (Minsk), Andrei Gavrilchik (Grodno), head and senior coaches of the national team of the Republic of Belarus Vilkin A.Ya. and Vilkina S. B .; Nikolai Shuleyko, Chairman of the Grodno Oblast Organization of the Sectoral Trade Union Belenergotpotgaz, Oleg Stepanyuk, Chairman of the Volkovysk Electric Power Station Production Association, Dmitry Deshko, Chairman of the Synkovichi SEC for preparation and assistance in the trip. Without their active participation, participation in the championship would not have taken place.

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