Great date. Large-scale celebration. Grodno region is preparing to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders

This year Belarus will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the liberation from the Nazi invaders. Solemn and large-scale celebrate the anniversary date being prepared in the Grodno region. What events will be filled with holidays, discussed at the meeting of the regional organizing committee in the regional executive committee..

“The memory of the Great Patriotic War in our country, despite the past decades, is still alive,” said the chairman of the organizing committee, deputy chairman of the regional executive committee Viktor Liskovich. – Loyalty to her is kept in every Belarusian house, in every family. It unites generations and inspires accomplishments. Patriotic actions are in a special row. They are extremely important, because they come from the heart, serve to foster responsibility among young people for the future of the Motherland. It is very important that children and young people feel the atmosphere of solemnity, be involved in preparing for the holidays, meet with veterans and feel the value of Victory to the depths of their hearts.

In the days of the celebration in the Grodno region hundreds of celebrations will be held, in which tens of thousands of residents of the region will take part. The main heroes of the celebrations will be, of course, war veterans. Again and again, words of gratitude and appreciation will be heard for their great feat.

Support word and deed

Today 482 veterans of the Great Patriotic War live in the region. Everyone is surrounded by attention and care.

Veterans are a special category of people, we know them by their first name and are aware of their needs and preferences. We make sure that everyone fully receives guaranteed social support and material assistance. In anticipation of the celebration of the memorial date, additional measures of social support will be taken. Veterans will receive one-time financial assistance. The volunteer movement and the sponsoring organizations will be actively involved. Once again, veterans will be visited by inspection commissions, they will study their needs and needs, as well as the fire prevention status of housing, all necessary assistance will be provided, ”said Olga Sedelnik, deputy chairman of the committee on labor, employment and social protection of the population of the regional executive committee.

Veterans living in the area are under the care of medical institutions. Doctors and nurses, without exaggeration, treat this category of patients as if they were relatives.

This year, as in previous ones, mandatory health examinations of veterans will be conducted. There are already charts, brigades are formed, which will visit veterans and conduct home health surveys. Inspections will be completed by April 15. Those who will be in need will be provided with the necessary rehabilitation and medical assistance, ” – said Elena Krotkova, Head of the Main Health Department of the Regional Executive Committee.

Diary of the winning soldier, a concert on the front line and a garland of Glory

The celebration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation will be held in the Grodno region under a general concept reflecting the unity of our people. Thanks to regional actions and participation in landmark events, thousands of people will feel involved in a large-scale holiday, ”said Elena Klimovich, head of the culture department of the regional executive committee.

The solemn meeting devoted to the Victory Day will be held in the regional center in the Grodno regional philharmonic society. Already, the director’s group is actively engaged in the preparation of rooms. It is planned that among the spectators there will be delegations from all regions of the region.

It is assumed that the action will take place in the form of a theatrical performance “The Soldier’s Winner Diary”. Solemn events in Grodno will unfold on May 9 at the Mound of Glory. The traditional military parade, demonstration performances of the ZOK warriors this year will complement the demonstration of peaceful achievements, as well as theatrical episodes on military subjects and a concert program. The regional action “Victory Stars” will also be held here: the stars with the names of regional centers and the number of liberated settlements will be placed on the garland of Glory.

The central streets of Grodno will turn into a big festive platform. The events on Lenin Square will be united under the general name “Concert on the front line”. A real soldiers’ halt will be organized in the park of Gilibert, field kitchens, interactive platforms will work there. Thematic photo-zones will be established everywhere in the Grodno region. It is planned that the Grodno residents will also be shown how the life of the partisan detachment was arranged, the conditions under which the people lived, what the inhabitants of the family camp did, what the forest school was like, a medical unit.

One of the most interesting moments promises to be a thematic concert on a barge on the Neman.

We already have a preliminary agreement with the Grodno branch of Belvodput. We plan that the barge in tow will take the ship. During the river cruise from her platform, the concert “Songs of Victory over the Neman can be heard” will be held. It is possible that the guests of the holiday will have the opportunity to get off the barge and join the celebration at the site on Levonaberezhnaya, ”said Zoya Kulesha, deputy chairman of the Grodno City Executive Committee.

No less solemnly Victory Day are preparing to meet in the neighborhoods of Grodno and districts of the region. In each of them have already developed their own concepts. May 9, May, will unite the residents of the region with the action concert “At six o’clock in the evening after the war”. It is planned that at this time in all localities of the region will begin festive concerts dedicated to the Victory.

Million flowers and hundreds of souvenirs

Grodno settlements to sign dates “dress up”. In Grodno, for example, more than 70 thematic designs will appear. They will decorate the Mound of Glory, Lenin, Sovetskaya, Budyonny, Lidskaya, Ozheshko, Dzerzhinsky streets, Cosmonauts Avenue, railway and bus stations, as well as large roundabouts. On the light supports, decorative designs will place several thousand flags.

About one million flowers will be planted in Grodno in spring. Now Zelenstroy experts decide how the festive flower arrangements dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus will be decorated, determine their locations.

Especially for significant dates, they will release holiday souvenirs. “Grodnohlebprom” is already developing layouts for festive themes that will be applied to catering products, including confectionery, ”said Olga Korotkaya, head of the department for trade and services of the regional executive committee.

The name of the hero in the pages of newspapers

The mass media of the region will take an active part in covering the festivities, said Sergey Shumeiko, deputy head of the main department for ideological work and youth affairs of the regional executive committee. Thematic headings have already been created, banners “the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus” are being actively filled with informational content on websites. In total, the mass media of the region have organized over 60 thematic creative projects that will continue throughout the year. For example, on the pages and the site “Grodzenskaya Prada” a new project “Name of the Hero” has already started. Throughout the jubilee year, journalists of the publication will talk about the legendary people of the war years, whose names include the streets and squares of the cities and towns of the region, what they were and what they became during the peaceful years.

The newspapers of the region will be united by the Victory Figures project. Many publications will be translated into English, so that foreign guests can get acquainted with this important topic.

Memory in granite

On the territory of the region there are 1264 forms of perpetuation, of which 743 are war graves. Each of them is under special control. A special commission will conduct an “audit” of all burial sites. Where necessary, bring order.

This year there will be four new forms of perpetuation. Memorial plaques to war heroes Alexander Gorbatov and Artem Borichevsky will be installed in Volkovysk, after which the streets of the district center are named. In Lida, a monument will be erected on the grave of the partisan of the Iskra detachment of Anatoly Yermolov. A memorial plaque will appear at the cemetery in Voronovo at the site of the death of the female signalers. A memorial plaque will be installed in Grodno in honor of Ivan Lebedev, ”said Irina Stepanenko, deputy head of the main department for ideological work and youth affairs of the regional executive committee.

Medal for the feat, labor and memory

In the list of festive events – the presentation of commemorative medals “75 year caused by the hell of Nyametska-Fashysk dukhopnik”. Medal will be awarded to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, as well as those who have made a significant contribution to the perpetuation of the memory of fallen soldiers and the heroic and patriotic education of the citizens of Belarus. Solemn ceremonies for awarding veterans in the region are planned to be held until April 30.

On a visit to the military

In the celebrations will take an active part of the troops of the Western operational command. In addition to participation in parades, sports events, representatives of the Armed Forces will conduct courage lessons in sponsored educational institutions, as well as open doors in military units, organize exhibitions of armaments, historical reconstructions, photo zones with weapons.

Conferences, tours and school waltz

Children and young people are already actively involved in preparing for the celebration of anniversaries. Scientific and practical conferences “We will not forget our names” and “Battle for Belarus” will be held in the region. It is assumed that over a hundred young researchers will take part in them. Virtual excursions of the cycle “The Memory Called Us Here” have already been posted on the school websites, new tourist routes to places of military glory, interactive maps are being developed.

In addition to the traditional seasonal campaigns, visiting the elderly and assisting them, volunteers will join the regional project “Times connecting thread”. It is planned that the scenario of the last calls in schools will include a dance retrodefile “Victory Waltz”.

The concept of holding celebrations will be further enhanced. It is important that no one be left behind. Only by joint efforts we will be able to organize and hold the celebration of a significant date at a decent level, ”concluded the vice-chairman of the regional executive committee Viktor Liskovich.

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