Why residents of the region go to II European Games?

A few weeks remain until the main sporting event of the year – the II European games. At the end of June in Minsk will gather thousands of athletes and their loyal fans, among which are solvency. To date, more than 60 residents of the region have already purchased tickets for the games. The others still have a chance to become participants of a grandiose sports holiday.

According to preliminary data, about 60% of tickets for the II European games have already been sold. Every day the percentage of sales is growing. The organizers are even thinking about increasing the number of seats for fans.

Fans are coming, of course, for the spectacle. The truth is, each for his own. For example, in the leaders of national sales tickets for Sambo, wrestling, basketball and karate. And that’s the top of the sports preferences of selvena looks different. “Ours” go mainly on Boxing, rhythmic gymnastics, judo and track and field athletics. For example, the largest delegation from the local district workers SPK “Synkovichi” – preference for athletics. Together with them – the regional center of hygiene and epidemiology.

– We are going to support Belarusians. In particular, for athletes representing the interests of the Grodno region. If I’m not mistaken, they will be about 70. It is a pity that among the local athletes no athletes. Many of them, in my opinion, could compete for medals. For example, Hope, or Dorogy Artem Kalachev. I hope, as promised by the organizers, it will be a Grand celebration of sports, – shared Anna Alekseevich.

But the delegation of Zelva Grodno branch of oblpotrebsoyuza, as expressed by one of the workers of the organization Oksana Demidоc rides on the II European games in the extreme. Employees in the trading sector stayed on the box.

– We chose between rhythmic gymnastics and Boxing. And for the first option voted men, but we still persuaded them. I hope our sports hopes will come true

Tickets for the II European games can be purchased online on the website ticketpro.by or in cash desks which work in all regional centers, the capital. Next to selvena sales – Slonim (Ershova, 58), Novogrudok (Mitskevicha, 104b), the Oshmyany (Sovetskaya str., 100A.) and Lida (St. November 7, 15). The cost of tickets varies from 5 to 300 rubles (depending on the sport). The most expensive tickets for the opening ceremony of the games (150-300r).

Anastasia DUNETS

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