For memory. A son of a Second world war participant passed information about his father Nikolay Evsejchik to the school #3 museum

The concept of homeland is quite extensive. For some, this is the place where the person was born, for others — where he found work and family. And for some, this is the corner where you always want to return. If only because it is cozy and will always meet loved ones.

A resident of the Polish city of Lublin Lech Leopold Evsejchik arrives in Celjelya every five years. It is acknowledged that he is sent here at the call of the heart:
–  These places are like relatives to me. My father is Nikolai Iosifovich from Krivich. Here is our family.

Another reason for visiting the Zelva district for Lech Evsejchik is to visit the local history museum of secondary school #3.

The son of a participant in the Second World War gathered information about his father and moved to the museum fund.

When the war began, Nikolai Evsejchik was exiled to Siberia. In the spring of 1943, he joined the First Polish Infantry Division named after Tadeusz Kosciuszko. The soldiers were baptized for battle near the Belarusian village of Lenino, Mogilev region. The senior sergeant reached Berlin. For courage shown on the front line, he was awarded numerous medals.

– I found information on the Internet about Svetoch acting in secondary school #3, – said Lech Leopold. — I was impressed with the taste and historical scale of the exhibition. A separate room is dedicated to the military theme. I thought: it would be good if today’s young people knew about the native Mikola Evsejchik from these places.

For many years, the son carefully kept the photos, documents and awards veteran. Copies of materials in memory of his father were given to Lily Sidorko, the head of the museum. Lilia Borisovna assured that they will occupy a worthy place in the expositions, and the excursions will dazzle the story of another hero.


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