Euroregion “Neman”: what the republican exhibition-fair brought to Zelvanshchina

Today, the Euroregion Neman Exhibition and Fair includes hundreds of businessmen and potential investors from several continents, dozens of exhibitors. New factories, light industry, access to the markets of near and far abroad. Now the Grodno region can be safely called one of the leading platforms for inter-regional cross-border cooperation in the economy. And it continues to expand. The 20th anniversary Euroregion Neman-2019 will bring together more than a thousand participants from 30 countries.

What the republican exhibition-fair brought to Zelvenschina
Elena KAZYRO, chief specialist of the economics department of the Zelvensky district executive committee:

– Our region in recent years has been actively promoting its tourism potential, developing cross-border cooperation with neighboring countries, including thanks to the Euroregion Neman. In this regard, the trade fair is an ideal platform for the exchange of information.

At last year’s business forum, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Zelva district and the Supraрасльsk commune from Poland. Over the past time, on a mutually beneficial basis, a project has been developed: “Supra industry-Synkovichi. A common story is the same future. ” The name of the initiative was not chosen by chance. Between the two cities (Zelva and Supraрасльl), there really is a lot in common. Including in architecture. The initiative is aimed at making cultural heritage monuments – the Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Synkovichi and a temple of this type in Suprasla – accessible to even more people. The project was presented at the second competition of project proposals of the cross-border cooperation program “Poland-Belarus-
Ukraine ”for the years 2014-2020 and won a grant. Now we are engaged in clarifying all the nuances in order to sign a grant contract. In the very near future, the implementation of the initiative will begin.

With what intentions will the Zelva delegation go to this forum? This time we plan to sign a partnership agreement on cooperation, including in the tourism sector, with the Ukrainian city of Zhovkva. Just today, the Ukrainian delegation comes to us to outline common points of contact. And already on September 12 we will participate together in the plenary meeting of the Euroregion Neman forum, where we will sign the agreement.

In addition, the potential of our area will be presented at the tourism exhibition.

Two Zelven enterprises will present expositions at the forum: Rapsintorg CJSC will present its products – rapeseed oil and oilcake, Zilant LLC – alternative energy services.
Zelvenschina is open for cooperation in any field and is ready to develop the potential of the region.

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