Ecological park equip in Zelva

The first of the projects on the arrangement of the ecological park was implemented in Zelva. 20 new wooden benches to the village were presented by the local fund for sustainable development “Afflatus”, which managed to win a grant in the framework of the project of the Community Development Fund (CMDF). And this is just the beginning.

How to make a city park better and cleaner, members of the initiative group discussed:

Anatoly Verstak (A.V.) – Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Support, Project Manager;

Valery Genush (V.G.) – freelance economist, project coordinator;

Svetlana Kuzma (S.К.) – Director of the MFSD “Afflatus”;

Gennady Panasik (G.P.) – Head of the Department of Architecture and Construction;

Irina Mekenya (I.M.) – Chief Specialist of the District Council of Deputies;

Natalia Gospodaryk (N.G.) – supervises sports and tourism issues in the area, the project partner;

Zhanna Slizh (Zh.S.) – director of the sanatorium boarding school, project partner.

V.G.: The idea of ​​creating an ecological park was discussed more than once. After all, Zelva is one of the most environmentally friendly towns in the region. The lack of industrial enterprises makes it possible to develop ecotourism. In every village, in every city there must be a place that could be called a calling card. Why did we choose a park in Zelva? Because it is one of the few places where you can relax with the whole family.

Zh.S.: Newlyweds are photographed here, mothers with children are resting, the elderly are engaged in Nordic walking. In fact, the park accumulates Zelivents of all ages.

V.G.: Unfortunately, the amount that the CMDF has given us is not too big – $ 5,000. With these funds it is impossible to implement a huge project. But the improvement of the ecological park – quite.

Already installed benches. They are made of solid wood. As a coating used environmentally friendly impregnation. It is planned to put tiles under the benches – for a more accurate look.

Since we are talking about ecology, it would be logical to ban smoking in the park. We conducted a survey in Odnoklassniki and on Facebook, and more than 90% of Zelives supported this initiative. I was surprised that 98% of men voted in favor. I think in the near future warning wooden signs will appear on the benches.

The park should be further developed. We also submitted an application for a UNDP project competition – to continue the implementation of our initiative. For example, we suggest switching to a park from electric to alternative lighting – to solar collectors. There are 12 lanterns, which will work offline all year round. Another idea is the cleaning of ponds.

A.V.: As for the installation of benches, we discussed the architectural design and color scheme with urbanist Inna Rudyachenko. Especially successful is the solution in which the waste bins are made – in the form of a well bucket. There was such a folk-old style. Material and special processing equipment provided the Fund. But to establish the bench helped indifferent to the project Zelventsi.

Zh.S.: It is worth noting that the shops fit organically into the overall landscape. Perhaps it is worth thinking about additional landscaping of the park area?

V.G.: In the project that we submitted for consideration, it is planned to plant decorative tui and fir trees near the ponds, which will strengthen the banks. In addition, the root system of these plants normalizes the pH of the water.

N.G.: It is worth paying attention to the tracks on these benches. They need to be redone. But this wish is more likely for utilities. In addition, along these paths runs the “Path of Health”, in which I would like to see intermediate notices indicating the footage. Perhaps in the same style as the plates for smokers.

G.P.: There are indeed notes on the tracks. In some places, the asphalt deformed. By and large, this coverage would be worth removing and making new. For example, from a stone. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also durable. Yes, and plenty of material – in any economy will give for free.

V.G.: Yes, and the central asphalt road “to nowhere” has already outlived itself. It does not harmonize with the idea of ​​an ecological park.

I.M.: I like how in Bulgaria parks will be equipped with playgrounds – playing fields are drawn on a soft surface. Why don’t we make such? I constantly observe how young mothers have to control almost every step of a child, so that he, for example, does not fall down from the steps or does not please the same pond. In my view, this should be a safe – possibly fenced – play area.

V.G.: Of course, such a project will require serious financial investments. But note, of course, take this sentence.

G.P.: These are not the Napoleonic plans.

Let me tell you a secret: there is an idea to expand the park zone to the Zelvianka River – from the ZelvaTourService Hotel and right up to the mill.

N.G.: Already now this territory is very popular with cyclists, even though only field roads run there. Perhaps it is worthwhile to equip special bicycle paths, which Zelives lack so much?

V.G.: Everything, by the river, incredibly beautiful landscapes open up.

G.P.: There are undoubtedly many ideas on how to equip an ecological park. I am glad that the matter has already moved forward.

V.G.: Of course, in many respects it is a merit of our investors – the Community Development Fund, thanks to which we managed to realize our first initiative. I want to believe that the project will not be the last.

Catherine SERGEY

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