Cyber ​​Tournament Held in Zelva. Who did win?

For the first time, a football tournament was held in the urban village on the PlayStation 4. About 30 schoolchildren participated in the competition.

Just a month ago, a game room was opened in the “Feeria” CEC. For such a short time, the prefix has become a favorite hobby of children and adolescents. Therefore, in early January, cyber competitions were held here. The football tournament was held in 3 stages: on the first day, students of grades 3-5 fought for victory, in the second — 6-8th, in the third — 9-11th.

– In the game settings, we set the same rating for all football teams, so gamers could choose their favorite club and play on an equal footing, – said Igor Denishchik, engineer for the cinema and video service sector. — Players, as in a regular match, competed in skills for 90 minutes. But without extra time and penalties.

Not only guys from Zelva fought in the tournament. The boys came from the agro-town Carolyn. There was a player from the city of Grodno (visiting friends at this time).

The places were as follows. Among the participants in the younger age group, Timofei Somov won, Vsevolod Tseikalo took second place, and Nikolai Kucherov third (in the picture). In the “middle link”, the strongest were Roman Yarmolchik, Artyom Soneck and Nikolai Say. Intense was the struggle among high school students. Alexei Shostko climbed to the first position, Ilya Lebed and Kirill Malimonov to the second and third.

The winners were awarded gift certificates of the movie theater “Feeria” . For the first place, 20 free hours of play on the PlayStation 4 relied, for the second — 15 hours, for the third — 10.

— Judging by the fact that young gamers asked whether there would be more such competitions, the guys were satisfied. In social networks, young people suggested organizing a similar match for the older age category. In the near future we will hold a similar game, but already, probably, with entrance tickets and no age limit, – said Igor Denishchik.


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