Club for large families will open in the village Carolin

The communication club for large families «Five +» will open in ag. Carolyn. Why in this particular village? How many families will visit the club to socialize? What will they do there? Explains the specialist in social work at the Department of Social Adaptation and Rehabilitation of the Social Development Center Marina NIKOLAEVICH.

They turned to Marina Petrovna for information with an ulterior motive — a specialist will lead the club.

— Each large family should have at least five people. But our name “Five +” is not about that. They laid another idea: we will subconsciously program our visitors to create an exemplary hearth — they will become excellent students in the family business, the woman explains with a smile.

According to the latest data, 193 large families live in the district, 14 of which are in the Karolinsky village council. — Agro-town Karolin is the only settlement in the region where the branch of the Social Assistance Center operates. Practice shows that the countryside is not a hindrance for the successful implementation of such projects, says Marina Nikolaevich. — The club will use demand for communication. Many already say that they are ready to come even from neighboring agricultural towns.

In the same supply and the solution of many other organizational issues, the administration of the Karolinsky village executive committee is meeting the specialists of the Central Social Service. Also, the club will involve representatives of such areas as health, education, etc.

— And still we will try to cope on our own. Our primary goal is to provide support to large families: legal, psychological, humanitarian, etc. To all, let’s dilute leisure time, for example, by organizing culinary master classes, sports relay races, etc. Classes will be held monthly, says Marina Petrovna. — Families will interact with each other. With young parents, for example, experience can be shared by more experienced family members, with a solid «experience» of motherhood or fatherhood.

The club, located in the branch of the Center for Social Development in the Carolin (Tsentralnaya Street, 135A) will open its doors this Friday at 18:00. You will find a fascinating and vibrant show program. Do not miss!

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