At least three startups implement local students in 2019

Zelven schoolchildren will be able to enter the world of entrepreneurship confidently. In the framework of the youth business labs “PROFI” they implement on Silvermine at least three startups.

The authors and moderators of business ideas will be creative thinking high school students. Guys who are already familiar with the concepts of “capital”, “business project” and “product promotion”. And these children certainly have Silvershine. Business training organized in November last year helped to identify advanced students. Then the specialist of the Department of Economics of the Executive Committee Elena Kaziro suggested high school students to come up with ideas for future projects, to develop strategies for their implementation.

– The training has become a kind of test of preferences, – says Elena Konstantinovna. – It was necessary to understand: whether the topic of business of zelven youth is interesting. The workshop gave a positive response.

The desire to learn the basics of entrepreneurship in children was present. We needed a platform for its application, which became the business laboratory “PROFI”.

In December, the zelven project was announced for participation in the “Jump Start” initiative competition organized by the public Association “society for the promotion of innovative business” within the framework of the project “Creation of sustainable infrastructure to support the development of startups and small businesses in the regions of Belarus”. Ten Belarusian initiatives, including zelvenskaya, were selected from a considerable number of applications submitted for the competition. By the way, six projects are from the Grodno region.

– Winning the competition involves not only financial support from the us Agency for international development, but also the opportunity to use the advice of experts in the field of business support, – explained Elena Kaziro.

The partners of the zelven project will be representatives of the Grodno regional institution of financial support for entrepreneurs, the Grodno regional Association of entrepreneurship, as well as members of the district center for support of entrepreneurship – LLC “Stillline”. In February, together with the author of the project Elena Kaziro, they will develop an educational course for children.

Within eight months (so much time is allocated for the implementation of the initiative) 30 students will learn the basics of entrepreneurship. In March-April there will be trainings and practical classes where students will develop startups. In may, the project experts will select three best ideas, which will be implemented in the summer. At the same time, the winners of the youth business laboratory “PROFI”will be chosen.

In addition to training, which will be held on the basis of school №2, students will get acquainted with the successful entrepreneurs of the district and the owners of farmsteads. In General, the project will spend more than $ 5,000.

Upon completion of the business laboratory, all educational institutions will receive the materials of the developed course as a gift, which means that even more students will be able to get acquainted with the world of business.

According to Elena Konstantinovna, educational programs may be of interest to other categories of citizens – the elderly, zelvents with disabilities, as well as those not employed in the economy.

– In case of the announcement of the grants will develop such projects and to struggle for financial support, – summarized Elena Kaziro.

Anastasia DUNETS

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