As part of the Energy Days, the Zelva cyclists visited the wind farm

The Thematic Bike Ride “Velo Zelva. Energy. We” opened the Energy Days in Zelvenshchyna.

Among the participants are the strongest followers of the cycle movement. You must agree, to drive about 10 kilometers under the rays of the scorching June sun is not an easy task.

 The efforts of the cyclists were rewarded. As a bonus – an excursion to the wind farm in the tract Tatarishki. It would seem, what else to surprise the cyclists Zelvenshchina?

For them, they organized costumed, patriotic races … The ideas of employees of the sports and fitness sports center did not run out. In the framework of the Days of Energy, which are held in Zelvenshchyna, the citizens were offered a ride in the Tatarishky tract, so as not to be seen from afar, and at a distance of a couple of meters to see the newly opened wind park.

 To get to the object was not easy: the scorching sun, sandy road …. Cyclists courageously confronted obstacles. And finally, the long-awaited point of the route is the substation of Tatarishki LLC, where engineer Vladimir Kudelko was waiting for the participants of the bike ride.

At the beginning of the tour a briefing: a live object (110kV). Behind the big iron fence, the participants of the bike ride saw a transformer of impressive size. This, according to the engineer, gets the energy generated by wind generators, which later goes to the common power grid.

 Adults interested in the financial issue. They asked why the work of the wind farm did not affect the cost of electricity for the locals.

 Vladimir explained that the energy goes to the common power grid. Payment is formed in accordance with the established republican tariffs. The children wanted to move on: see wind turbines from inside. I did not have to wait long. Vladimir Kudelko invited those wishing to enter one of the objects. There are plenty of impressions.

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