Agro-town Kosheli are gasified with natural gas

40 years ago, natural gas was a curiosity for the Zelwa. The beginning of gasification of the Zielvenschyna falls on the 80s. Today, blue fuel is in the homes of four thousand citizens and residents of settlements. And from 2020, there will be even more users of natural gas: the agro-town Kosheli of the Karolinsky Village Council will be gasified.

The desire of the village to switch to natural gas appeared four years ago. Initiative villagers then turned to the department of architecture and construction of the Zelvensky district executive committee (now the department of architecture, construction and housing and communal services of the district executive committee) with a collective statement about considering the possibility of gasifying the housing stock of the agro-town with natural gas.

Soon it became known: Kosheli are included in the subprogram “Development of the electric power industry and gasification of villages” of the State program “Comfortable housing and a favorable environment” for 2016-2020. A solution is to be expected. Indeed, since 1994, at the initiative of the President, accelerated gasification of the country has been going on. And the baton of blue fire was accepted not only by large cities, but also by small villages. The number of the latter has increased significantly in 2006. Then, within the framework of the Decree No. 368 “On measures to regulate relations in the gasification of natural gas in the operated housing stock of citizens”, the villagers got a number of preferences.

The state financially supported citizens living in rural areas. The following benefits appeared. For residents of agricultural towns and villages with a population of no more than 20 thousand people, the cost of designing and building gas distribution pipelines and inputs to residential buildings is 30% of the total cost. And with a population of more than 20 thousand people – 70%. Belarusians can also count on a soft loan for gasification. The interest rate for using the loan is 3 percent per annum. Agree, good preferences. And many villagers (more than 10 thousand) have already taken advantage of them. Including residents of the Kosheli.

Natural gas in the agro-town will appear in the new year. Today, local gas workers are conducting preparatory work. As explained by the head of the Zelvensky gas supply district, Alexander Chvertok, more than four kilometers of the gas pipeline were laid to the settlement, and a cupboard regulatory point was established in the agro-town to reduce gas pressure. In addition, the organization’s employees tapped and launched gas into a newly constructed facility – a high pressure natural gas supply gas pipeline for the gasification of an agro-town housing stock. Design work is underway on a street gas pipeline and inputs to residential buildings.

– We’ll start the construction of a street gas pipeline in 2020, – said Alexander Vladimirovich. – As a result, natural gas will appear in the agro-town.

By the way, today 17 settlements of the region are gasified with blue fuel. Among them are Borodichi, Fir-tree, Golynka, Derechin, Zadvorye, Kozlovichi, etc.

Anastasia DUNETS

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