About 80 specialists of agronomic services of agricultural enterprises of the region took part in a training seminar on the cultivation of winter crops

Modern approaches to the cultivation of winter crops, new methods of increasing crop yields and European experience in combating plant diseases … These and other innovations were reviewed by specialists of agronomic services of agricultural enterprises of the region at a training seminar, which was held on the basis of Veres farm.

The event was organized by Rapsintorg CJSC. As speakers — representatives of firms of world manufacturers of plant protection products, candidates of agricultural sciences.

“Every year in the off-season, the producer company, together with distributors, trains agronomists,” says Sergey Derechenik, director of Rapsintorg CJSC. — I think that it is very useful to learn about the latest in winter growing technology and to borrow the experience of colleagues. And updating knowledge is never superfluous.

The conference was opened by an employee of the Grodno State University Vitaly Teles. Vitaly Alexandrovich introduced the audience to the study of the land cover of our country.

As was said, the analysis went on for 28 years: from 1988 to 2016. The survey showed that the average score of soil fertility in the republic is 31.2. It has a low content of boron, copper and zinc. Conclusion: the obligatory introduction into the soil, in addition to the main components of nutrition (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, organics), trace elements.

Rapeseed is a financially profitable culture. The people even called her “black gold”. But in order to get good sales from the sale, you will have to pay due attention to the process of growing oilseeds.

“Before leaving for the winter, I advise you to cover your rapeseed with the KarmbaTurbo growth regulator,” said Dmitry Evsikov, representative of BASF LLC. — In the autumn period, it will help reduce the growth point of the shoot, develop its root, and provide a high percentage of survival after winter. In the spring, it will assist in the intensive branching of the plant.

How to grow a rich harvest of bread? This was stated by the manager of the company «BASF» Denis Boyar. The specialist in his speech touched on the features of early spring care for crops of grain and leguminous plants.

According to the invited scientists, today it is very important to introduce modern crop cultivation technologies into practice. After all, it has already been proven that the new system, in comparison with the use of traditional agricultural technology, brings significantly greater profitability of products.

The impressions of the seminar are shared by participants from the Zelvensky district.

Igor Shishlovsky, Deputy Head of the Department of Agriculture and Food of the District Executive Committee:

– Experts in a rather simple form informed the audience how to care for crops, rapeseed and corn from the moment of sowing to harvesting. We will introduce all the acquired skills into production at the district farms. Some of our enterprises, such as Knyazevo, Golynka, Dobroseletsky, already cooperate with BASF and EKOPLON, and we will continue to establish partnerships. I am sure it will bring good results. Moreover, this year we plan to increase the growth rate of crop production by 8.9%.

Maria Zhdanyuk, agronomist-seed producer of the agricultural production farm “Dobroseletsky”:

– Our branch has the task of collecting at least 44 centners of grain, 119 centners of corn grain and more than 30 centners of rapeseed from each hectare. Therefore, I took note of the system of introducing new microelements and the fungicide “Pictor” into the soil, which actively affect crop yields. We have already used EKOPLON boron and KarmbaTurbo growth regulator, were satisfied.

Ilya Efimov, assistant to the head of the production site of the state enterprise «Golynka»:

– To me, as a young specialist, the seminar was very useful. I am glad that I got into the list of participants from our economy. After listening to the lectures, he emphasized a lot of new and interesting things for himself, he refreshed the knowledge gained at the university. Together with a colleague, agronomist-agrochemist Dmitry Tereshko, we will bring all the information received to the management.


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