9 traditions of the Blue Wave children’s camp

For the first time, the Blue Wave camp (then still a pioneer camp) opened its doors in 1987. Today, about a thousand adolescents from all over the world take a rest here every year. For three decades, at the children’s “resort” some traditions have developed that are adopted by each new shift. Which ones, said the deputy director of the camp (with 16 years of experience!) Elena Goncharenko.

Bonfire of wishes

It is ignited at the beginning and at the end of the shift. What is the point? During the day, children come up with a “mission” for friends from their own or other units, sometimes for educators. Write the task on a piece of paper and put it in a special box. At the end of the day, the entire camp gathers at the campfire to fulfill those very wishes. When the notes end, they are thrown into the fire with loud applause and cheering.

“At the beginning of the shift, the children are embarrassed to“ order ”something too arrogant: they are asked to perform a dance, song, etc. Whether it’s the end … Obviously bolder, they can prepare 20 push-ups for physical education. Or, having realized that the counselor has a pretty colleague from a neighboring detachment, make him confess his feelings”.

Book of records

It is a kind of Guinness Book of Records, only for each year. Such achievements as the longest braid, the most mobile ears, the longest surname, etc. are introduced into the notebook. Records are fixed by a special commission.

Royal night

“No one has seen her, but everyone knows about her,” the old-timers of the camp joke. True, according to their own words, such a thing as “royal night” (which is the last one at the shift), goes into oblivion. A few years ago it was celebrated on a large scale. The children squeezed out the remaining toothpaste from the tubes and smeared the door handles with it, painted a mustache on those who peacefully snuffed in bed. Of the sneakers that were not hidden by the rash comrades, they made a “garland” (pairs of shoes were tied together with laces) and laid out some inscription on it at the stadium.

“Today they do not do such parties. Firstly, because the regime is strict: children are not allowed to be out of the building at night. Secondly, the current generation is calmer – he does not need leprosy and pranks. As for the sneakers, recently one of the boys made a surprise for the girls – laid out a shoe heart at the entrance to their house”.

Miss and Mr. Camp

A business card, a suit from improvised materials, a creative number are prepared by the contestants.

“It doesn’t happen that they put on a crown and forget to take off – winners, as a rule, do not boast of their status”.

Forgotten things

Children often lose things. Found items are brought to the “camp headquarters”, where a special box is installed. Boxing is disbanded during rulers: they lift up the lost, for example, cap and ask who it is. Confused Masha is given a special task (to dance, sit down 20 times, tell a joke, etc.), which must be performed in full view of everyone.

“Some people are embarrassed to confess to everyone, therefore they come to the teachers after the ruler and, with their heads down, admit:“ This is mine”.

Festival of national cultures

Not as large as in Grodno, but also boasts the presence of a variety of ethnic groups at the festival: from gypsies to representatives of wild African tribes. To portray this or that people, children use improvised means.

“On the 4th shift, geishas made kimonos from sheets, and the snow-white texture of their faces from gouache.”

Next up is a big carnival.

“Internationality, by the way, is not only fictitious. The last shift in the camp is resting 12-year-old Vietnamese Nguyen Min Duc. Communicates with our guys in broken Russian, but this does not prevent him from having fun in full”.

Birthday man orders music

Discos in the camp take place every evening. Dances are waiting impatiently for both younger and older, because this is the only opportunity to invite someone you like to a slow dance! Girls make a marafet – they braid each other, do makeup. Guys … probably also getting ready somehow – maybe they put on something special.

If there is a birthday boy at the disco, everyone “dances to his tune” – he orders music from the DJ.

“Recently, a girl named Veronika celebrated her birthday. It is clear that the evening could not do without the hit of Arthur Pirozhkov about chick Veronica”.

In general, the birthday is congratulated by the entire camp during the morning line. The squad is preparing a special surprise. Parents often come to the hero of the occasion, preparing a small festive table for their child and his friends.

Revelations by a candle

Or something like a nightly reflection. Children sit together with the teacher in a circle. Passing a candle to each other, they tell how their day went: what excited, what rejoiced, why they were upset, etc. An open psychological training helps children talk, resolve troubles, forget grievances and fall asleep with a light soul.

“One of these evenings was dedicated to a boy whose behavior left much to be desired. Instead of remarks and reproaches, they decided to give him only compliments – not just like that, but in the case. And it worked! Our words seemed to inspire him: he was very grateful – he hugged everyone without respite and immediately changed his attitude towards others – he became kinder and more attentive”.

Competition is the engine of progress

During the shift, each squad earns insignia: individual (“butterflies”) and team (“rays”). Cards are issued for victory and participation in cultural and sports events, for maintaining order in the corps, etc. The squad that will collect the largest number of cards claims at the end of the shift for a sweet prize. Do you think children cannot be lured by this? No matter how! The competition gave rise to serious competition in the Blue Wave.


Nikita Chichkonakov, Grodno:

I was in many camps of the Grodno region. For the first time in Zelva district. The Blue Wave is often compared to Berestovitsky. They say the latter is cooler. But I didn’t think so. The camp in Berestovitsa consists of several houses in an open area. Here in the forest, much better. At least because the military sports game “Zarnitsa” is taking place in the forest more interestingly – it’s not so easy to find a flag among the thickets. During the rest, counselors Alexander Sergeevich Dobrioglo and Svetlana Stanislavovna Yakoltsevich, who became so close to the detachment during this short period, will be most remembered. They are the best!

Pyotr Yurgel, Volkovysk:

There is a strict discipline in the Blue Wave – I have never met such a one. When the lights out at 22:00, we should already lie down under the covers. In other camps, hang up forbids you to leave the building: you can do whatever you want inside the house, if only you don’t mess around. The rest – in food and entertainment – everything suits.

Svetlana Yakoltsevich, teacher of Detachment 9, Zelva:

The first time I came here to rest when I was 6 years old. True, I really missed the house, so my parents had to pick me up. The second time, already at the age of 14, I liked it much more. So much so that she became an educator. For the second year in a row I take three shifts. The first did not work out because of the summer session (I just graduated from BarSU). Being a vacationer and a counselor are two different things. But, if I rely only on personal feelings, I prefer to be in the role of a tutor. Probably because I love children. And I feel reciprocity from them. Only the change will end – they immediately write on social networks that they miss. And I know that is sincere.
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