59 small and medium-sized businesses are registered in Zelvenshchyna. Prospects for the development of private affairs in the area discussed at a meeting of the Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship

Last week, in Zelva, within the framework of a meeting of the Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship, local businessmen, government officials, and young people discussed the achievements and prospects for developing a private business in the region.

At present, 59 small and medium-sized enterprises are registered in Zel’venshchyna. Compared to 2014, the figure has decreased, but only slightly – by only 2. At the same time, the number of individual entrepreneurs has decreased by more than 20% over the past five years.

– After the entry into force in 2017 of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 337 “On regulation of the activities of individuals”, some individual entrepreneurs “retrained”. Now in the region 74 people are engaged in entrepreneurship as individuals without registering as an individual entrepreneur, ”said Nina Galynia, deputy chairman of the district executive committee. – Business in Zelive region needs to be developed as much as possible, including attracting young people to it.

Teaching business is one of the main tactics to boost entrepreneurship in the area. Thus, the project “We teach our children to business” is being implemented. In the youth business lab “Profi” high school students are taught the skills to develop successful startups. And in the Entrepreneur PRO100 business agency, which operates on the basis of gymnasium No. 1, schoolchildren actively interact with Zelva entrepreneurs. The high school student Pavel Martsuta spoke about this in his speech.

Any business begins with an idea. But one that no one has yet realized before you. And in which the society needs or is interested, – the chairman of the regional association of entrepreneurship Igor Chernyakov explained to the audience. – Today, the authorities actively interact with start-up entrepreneurs, which significantly increases the potential of potential businessmen. For example, you can register a private business in one day. There are various funds for financial support, franchise companies operate.

If we talk about the Zelva district, then, according to Igor Vladimirovich, in the Grodno region our region is the leader in terms of involvement in projects implemented with international assistance, including through the program of cross-border cooperation.

– We are always open for cooperation, – stressed Elena Kazyro, chief specialist of the economics department of the district executive committee. – And we are actively working on the image of the district in order to be attractive to partners. On June 28, 2018, they joined the European Union’s “Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy” initiative. It is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the region. Another initiative in which we participate is “Mayors for Economic Growth”. It provides for the development of private business. We also joined the “Learning Cities and Organizations” program, implemented with the support of the Representative Office of DVV International in Belarus. Won the competition for participation in the project “Belarus: Padtrymka Zyalyonaga goradaabudaўnіtstva ў malokіh i syarednіh garadah Belarus”. We openly have many paths and many challenges, the implementation of which will contribute to the development of our small homeland.

Svetlana Panasik, deputy head of the Ministry of Taxes and Levies for the Slonim District, told about tax breaks for business:

– Entrepreneurship provides for 30 types of activities. The most popular in our area are the provision of agricultural services (the amount of tax is only 13 rubles per month), tutoring (23 rubles per month), as well as craft activities and agritourism (1 base rate per year). By the way, 68 artisans and 7 agricultural farmsteads are registered in Zelive region.

At the end of the meeting – practical intensive from the director of Zilant LLC, Vladimir Garbuz, who shared the secrets of creating and developing his business. The company is engaged in engineering in the field of renewable energy.

Diana Bebech

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